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Readers Respond: What's Your Reason for Moving?

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From the article: Is it Time to Move?
We all have our reasons for moving. Some of us (myself included) are a bit nomadic in nature and need a change of scenery every few years. Others move out of necessity. Every person has their own unique reason and by sharing it, you'll be letting everyone know your personal story and journey.


I live in the prettiest place on earth. The south side of the street is wetland, the north side of my deep yard (which runs from grass and willows to a wild shoreline) is lake, and the west side is a wood. We're moving because my husband and I are aging and I've had several serious illnesses and the house is no longer safe. My husband has saved my life a few times in the last few years and has stood by me during prolonged illnesses. Physically we have nothing left to put into our house. Emotionally he has nothing left to put into this move. It's up to me to make all of the decisions. I have to do this. We're not safe anymore. I'll take care of everything. have to see him safe. I've known him 44 years. He is everything.

Your stories helped me today. Thank you

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I thought I was alone in feeling attached to my beautiful coastal home. That others did not feel overwhelmed and sad because I have not found work here
—Guest Lisa

Tired of New York City

I have lived in New York City for all of my 59 years of my life. Back in the early days the cost of living was livable. Rent, food, clothing, shoes, healthcare were all affordable. But now in year 2012, it has come close to impossible. Because of these factors the middle class has disappeared due to the very high cost of living which leave you very little for retirement. Just tired of city life. Hope to find something close to country living, maybe.

My dads fault

I have lived in my home for my whole life. When i was 6 my pereants got divorced and now my dads going to stop paying my education so we have to move. Its really upsetting and my home is perfect for me ive just had to watch the climbing frame that i used to play on get knocked down. we're also going to have to leave the summer house because its to old to bring with us. We're going to have to rent and the house will be a lot smaller it wont be in the same area either, I know everything about where I live and I don't want to move. This sound mean but the people buying my home are quite old so I'm hoping when I'm older they will have passed away so I can buy it back and i will. Apparently this is an unlucky house and the people before me got divorced as well so maybe something like that will happen because this inst an unlucky house to me because its my home and I will never see my dad again for making me leave it. It is my home and always will be i just want to stay in it.
—Guest Guest

Moving back in

My H and I seperated 7 months ago, I found a new house with our baby boy and have been living here. My H and I have decided to give things another shot, so I am moving back to his house. I feel really anxious about the move and I think nervous to see how things will pan out with us. I just feel sad to say goodbye to my house now, Even though I was here for a short time I kinda made it a home for me and my boy. Packing has been stressful and cleaning even worse. I wish I had of got a professional cleaner in as cleaning for a bond inspection just makes things more stressful. I will miss it here but will be nice to be back together with my H, fingers crossed it all works out
—Guest Martha

Moving with my son's blessing!

I’m a single parent to a 13 yr old boy in 7th grade & we are moving in a few months, along with my mom who lives with us. We’re in Oregon, moving from Salem (154,000 people) to Bend (76,000) for a few reasons: I love Bend, beautiful scenery, plenty of outdoor recreation, enjoyable amount of snowfall, & a small-town feel - Salem on the other hand is rainy, rainy, rainy, w/gray skies, fog, and oh yeah...rain. There's no culture here, it's almost all big businesses, & for being the state capitol, there is pretty much nothing enjoyable in-town. Salem itself is very boring. I moved around a lot as a kid, and went to several different schools. I told myself I wouldn't do that to my son, that I would keep him in one place throughout his schooling. And I have so far. But now he wants to move too – the schools here in Salem aren’t the greatest and he knows I believe the schools in Bend are a lot better and he wants to make the big move. So we’re doing it! And we couldn’t be more excited! :)
—Guest Stefanie

Moving out of where i grew up

My father's job moved my intermidiate family very far away from where i was born. I was really young at the time, having just finished kindergarten. We were originally only planning to stay a few years, but the company got bought and then suddenly there was no reason to move. So we stayed. I went through elementary school, middle school, and now freshman year in the same house, same city. And now we are moving back to where we came. This is where i grew up, so moving will be hard. My parents reason that Facebook will keep friendships i maintain everyday intact. The problem is that it won’t work that way. My best friend and I had foolishly worked out our college plans, making a pact. Now outside forces have disrupted it. My best friend hardly gets on Facebook or texts anyways, so well fall out of touch. I’ll never really find anyone who matches me like that. -Sol
—Guest Sol Yamira

Moving From IN to Wa State

Hello, My husband and I are a young couple with a 4year old son who want to move out of IN. One reason is to get away from our overbearing family and another reason is to get away from IN as I need some adventure. I also am going to school for Interior Design and while it is possible to get a job here in In I feel that my prospects will be better elsewhere. I want to move to Washington State as they have lots of colleges to further mine and my husbands career, look as though they have lots of opportunity in the design field and I just think the state is beautiful. I hope I am making the right desicion as I want to move in a little over a year. I am trying to do the most research possible as we will have no contacts there as well as no home or jobs. One good thing about the job situation is at this time my husband and I are both CNA's and with the healthcare industry growing if I can't find a job in Design I have that to fall back on! Good luck to all of you in your Endeavors!
—Guest Chrystal


My family and I are moving from the home I grew up in(I'm almost 20) because of money problems. This house is my comfort place. I get attached to things that remind me of my past because my parents divorced when I was 10 and I miss the old days. This house is the last place my family was a whole.. My mom told us we had to move, not even a month ago. I'm going to be broken when we actually move this December 27th. I'm extremly attached to this house.
—Guest Alyssa

My Mom is in a Nursing Home

I am moving back to my roots, so to say. I was born and raised basically in this home that my mom has resided in for many years. Since she has moved onto a nursing home, someone needs to live there. The problem that arises is there is so much stuff in her home that we need to move it out before I can move in. There are so many momentos and reminders there that it is very hard to move in without thinking about all those things around me. I am having issues with getting rid of those things along with moving in my things in to call it my home. I am struggling with the move along with dragging my feet to move in.
—Guest Gary

11 yrs Golden From LA to PAris

Hello I promised myself I would talk as much as I could on forums and blogs about my experience with my beautiful 11 years old golden retriever travelling from Los Angeles to Paris (11 hrs fligh) with Air France. I was terrorized and had seen many comments saying people should not put their dog in the hold. I was moving out of the country. And would NEVER have left my dog behind. He was diagnosed with arrhythmia,(heart malfunction) and the more I read through those blogs the less I could sleep at night. To be honest I am furious to see how people spread fears so carelessly. Yes it is a long flight. No the dog is not necessarily spending the best time of his life in the hold. BUT he was FINE!!!! When I picked him up he was a little shaken, thirsty, But after eating and drinking he was running and playing like a puppy. My dog is 11 and has Arrhythmia. So of course there is a risk, but it's like for everything in life. So don't worry like I did for countless night, your dog will b
—Guest Noemie

Moving due to a growing family

We are moving from a 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 story, 3 bedroom townhome because our family is young and growing and we need the space! We have lived in this apartment for 2 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff between my husband and the two kids. I am feeling very overwhelmed with trying to pack it all up. I am happy and excited about our new, bigger home with a yard, but still feeling stressed and sad about the move. We made alot fo new memories in this apartment. My hubby and I moved here together for the first time, he proposed to me here, we lived here during our son's birth; I will certainly miss it, but the change is a good one. I am trying to take one room at a time to tackle everything and throwing alot of junk away!
—Guest Ivana

work visa

i am livingh in georgia i want move in norvey i want work visa
—Guest gurpreet singh

My Friend

We moved from California to Wisconsin for a new job for my husband (kids' father, yes, we are married). It was the only home/schools our two teenagers had ever known. Financially and in so many ways it was the best choice for us; great schools, nice neighborhood, low crime, etc. My kids are still adjusting, and we still feel so much guilt over having to uproot us Selidbe & Profesionalno pakovanje - Beograd | Selidbe Kombi prevoz | Cena selidbe | Besplatna procena selidbe | Kutije za selidbu | Selidbe klavira | Saveti za selidbe http://www.selidbe-pakovanje.com/
—Guest selidbe

Going back home

I have been moving my whole life. My mom is like a nomad, from ga to texas to Wisconsin. And then I grew up and fell inlove with a great man who has " the grass is always greener on the otherside " syndrome. We left Wisconsin to go to Florida and from there to il and then to ri only to now decide to go back home to Milwaukee wi. All in 5 years. I hate moving and I really hope this is our last time...atleast for cross country moves lol :)
—Guest Grass is Always greener

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