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Readers Respond: What's Your Reason for Moving?

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From the article: Is it Time to Move?
We all have our reasons for moving. Some of us (myself included) are a bit nomadic in nature and need a change of scenery every few years. Others move out of necessity. Every person has their own unique reason and by sharing it, you'll be letting everyone know your personal story and journey. Share Your Story

To Guest T

I am also a widow and moving finally to downsize. It is an enormous amount of work and stress to do all alone. Reach out for help wherever you can, deal with one problem at a time and try to get enough sleep. Try to picture the new place being cozy and comforting. And as Churchill said when you are going through hell keep going!
—Guest christine

grass is greener?

I moved from Adelaide to the Gold Coast to be with my parents. Within a month of being here, I have secured myself a full-time job, and bought a car. Although I am happy with how things are progressing, I miss my home-town so much. I miss my friends who are like my family, and find it really hard to relate/get along with new people. I feel so lonely.
—Guest bel

dont want to move

N(oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ddddddddoooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttt want to movw
—Guest vicky

First Move

Moving away from my hometown and family for the first time with my boyfriend. It's been a very nerve wracking time and I feel like I am not quite ready to leave yet but we have been left with little choice as he has been kicked out of his family home and this new area provides lots of job opportunities for the both of us. Even though I don't want to leave behind my family and lifestyle I know that it will be better in the long run to get out on my own two feet and start experiencing the responsibilities of renting my own place. I have to admit though, I'm still pretty scared of all the change and commitment.
—Guest Lynn


I feel ya. On tue. December 18 2012 I will be relocating from Birmingham,Al to Dallas,Tx due to job loss which affected my wife's business. I blame myself cause I created this crisis and should have listened to my wife. We have lost so much since Oct.1. 2012. I have lost cars,respect,confidence, and love from my wife. I also lost home,jewelry,money, and daily routines.Not to mention many nights of sleep, my beloved dog of 6 years and cat I still miss my job some and this past summer when business had money. I will miss my Mom sisters, brother and in-laws. I suffer from anxiety,HTN, and stress. I also have cholesterol and elevated blood sugar that worries me cause I was seeing the doctor before job loss. I plan to move in with brother in law who experienced similar issues last year and had to move to Dallas from Birmingham,Al. He has a brother who lives in Garland,Tx who helped him in need. I also worry about my daughter who has type 1 diabetes. I have to be strong! May God bless you!
—Guest Bobby

I dont want to go!

I'm leaving in less than 2 days,today was my last day of school and it was really depressing! I'm not good at making friends although i had loads back at my old school. I'm trying to just make it easy by helping out with packing and stuff! This really helped because I'm not finding much moving advice for teenagers online. Thanks!
—Guest vicky

Parents want an adventure

My parents have decided its the perfect time to move country and accompany my older brother to college. This means I have to leave my family and friends. Oh and did I mention we're moving to a place we have never been to before. Everyone tells me this is what's best for me. The things we do for family
—Guest Michelle

Just not sure

I've lived in a small town i upstate NY for 25 years. I grew up on long Island and I'd like to move to an afforddable area closer to the ocean. Florida is the first place that comes to mind. My problem is my husband passed away 1 1/2 years ago unexpectadely and making the move on my own terrifies me. Staying here where we shared a life together breaks my heart every day. Every where I goremeinds me of him. Some may say that's a good thing for me it just leaves that terrible void in my chest. My parents live in FLorida but they are in central Fla, I would like to be closer to the ocean. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
—Guest T

Moving to retirement apartment

It's so hard to give up my things, things I have garthered over a lifetime, things that special people gave me, things with special memories. I live worring what will go wrong with my house, mostly the things that I really cannot afford to fix, but alas, both the house and this lady are ancient, so the need to downsize and relocate is imminent. Where to begin? What can I live without? It's almost too much for me to decide, but the time is here. I am starting and expect I will survive the experience. In reality I cannot care for my home the way I used to do, I live relatively far from the hub of things and it's lonely. I am moving to simplify my life and to a retirement community where that will be a reality, plus there are others there in the same predicament and best of all there is the opportunity for new friends and activities to keep me busy. In the meantime there is the task of deciding which of my treasures I have to give up for the rewards I hope to get from the move.
—Guest marypat

Spreading our Wings!

My husband and I bought a piece of property 4 years ago and planned on building a new home for the last 2 years. It never happened, for whatever reason. As fate would have it, the neighbor to our property needed to sell his home so he could move to AZ. We agreed to buy his house within 2 days! No realtors, no appraisal, just a smile and a handshake that we'd buy his house. This was the end of May. It is now August 7, 2012 and we are moving into our new home this Saturday! It has been very stressful for me as I have a 21 month old daughter and the majority of the packing has fallen to me due to my husband's work schedule. I am exhausted, stressed and excited all at the same time! We are going from a condo in the city (yuck) to a country town with 14 acres! We couldn't be more thrilled! I am so excited to start a new chapter in our already amazing book!
—Guest Ross

Head Says Move, Heart Says Nooooooooo!!!

Whatever I thought I'd find in home ownership, never materialized. It never felt like a warm blanket keeping me safe. I didn't feel more secure here than I did in the apartment before. My careful planning didn't include maintenance and home maintenance like car maintenance. isn't optional. The mountain I wanted to live by may as well not exist for as often as I see it. I haven't watched a single sunrise over it or hiked any of its trails. I rush from the house to my car or into the house from my car, like one of us is on fire. I haven't made any upgrades and the few walls I did paint with the Ralph Lauren paint I had to have, are usually to my back. I can see dust on them but not them. The air conditioner is old and inefficient and the thought of spending $3500 to have what I already have- sounds obscene. The crack in the bedroom window remains 11 years later. This home is my friend and I miss my friend already. My heart aches.

Bringing Everything into Focus

For the record, I've been in your shoes (both when plans to move internationally have been in the works, when they've gone ahead, and when they've fallen through!) and I know what you mean about how it's stressful & emotional even when it turns out that nothing changes. You will feel back to normal soon But in the meantime, isn't it kind of cool how it makes even little day to day things seem so significant and you feel so alive? I like how periods of big change and big decisions bring everything into focus.
—Guest jYkJEsUTi

Move seems unbearable

Soon my husband and I will be moving to Hawaii from California. It might sound cool, but we're moving into my husband's mom's condo.. I am scared. It was hard to tell my parent's that I probably won't see them for a few years, because plane tickets are unbearable. We have no choice but to move there, because where we are living (and I grew up until I was 7) is going foreclosed in like 2 months from now. It is my great uncles country ranch. I grew up in a little country town and now I'll be moving to a big city. Im so scared. My husband loves my parents too, so this is hard ov both of us.. I don't really want to move, but there is no other way.. Sigh.. I hope my new life there will work..
—Guest Strawbarie


I live in the prettiest place on earth. The south side of the street is wetland, the north side of my deep yard (which runs from grass and willows to a wild shoreline) is lake, and the west side is a wood. We're moving because my husband and I are aging and I've had several serious illnesses and the house is no longer safe. My husband has saved my life a few times in the last few years and has stood by me during prolonged illnesses. Physically we have nothing left to put into our house. Emotionally he has nothing left to put into this move. It's up to me to make all of the decisions. I have to do this. We're not safe anymore. I'll take care of everything. have to see him safe. I've known him 44 years. He is everything.

Your stories helped me today. Thank you

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I thought I was alone in feeling attached to my beautiful coastal home. That others did not feel overwhelmed and sad because I have not found work here
—Guest Lisa

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What's Your Reason for Moving?

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