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United Van Lines

Reader Reviews: Review of Movers

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By Diane - About's Guide to Moving

Movers or Moving Companies

Name of service: 

United Van Lines

Date of use: 

June 2008

My Review 

In June 2008, we moved over 1500 miles to another city and hired United Van Lines after a lot of careful research. I found their service to be both professional and efficient. While the company used a local moving company to move in our things (once they arrived in the new city), the local company was also extremely reliable and professional. After our move, I asked the company about the use of local movers and was told that because of where we were moving to (a small street with limited parking), it was better to hire a local mover with a smaller truck to do the actual move in. This made perfect sense and worked out well, although I would've preferred if I'd known this information prior to the arrival of our goods at the new address.

I would definitely recommend United Van Lines. I would, however, suggest that you ask whether they'll be outsourcing their services to a local mover prior to hiring. If they plan to do this, ask for the name of the local movers and as you would with hiring of any movers, check their references to ensure they're reliable. Also make sure the company doesn't charge you extra for the service.

In our case, we weren't charged anything extra and we're very pleased with the service we received.

What kind of move did you make? 

To Another City or State

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How many times have you moved in your life? 

8 times or more

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