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How to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Moving

Help Your Entire Family Cope with the Move


Moving is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do, with most feeling the stress build from the moment the decision is made. Find out how to cope with the move, with tips and suggestions for the whole family.

How to De-Stress Your Move

We all agree moving is stressful. Even though our family has moved (almost) too many times to count, I still worry and have heart palpitations every time I think about packing up our home. So, to help you de-stress during a move, check out these useful tips and suggestions to ensure that your move is as serene as it can be. You might even be able to enjoy the moment, look forward to the change, knowing that this move will be a positive and rewarding experience.

How to Keep Your Stress In Check During a Move

A friend asked me to write an article for people who are moving and ask their friends to help. I think she's a little tired of helping friends move only to discover that they're so stressed that the move becomes a terrible experience for everyone involved, including the people that are just there to help. 

Moving During a Difficult Time

As we all know, and most of us have experienced at least once, moving, at the best of times, is difficult. So, when you add the extra emotional stress of a major life change, such as a divorce, death or economic crisis, a move can be a breaking point.

If you're in this situation, and a move is something you must do, then there are some tips to consider to help you through this extremely difficult time. And remember, you're not just moving into a new home, you're moving into a new life.

Moving During the Holidays

Moving is difficult in and of itself. Throw in the holidays and you might feel like your world has been turned upside down in particular if your move takes you far away from family and friends. So if you find yourself facing the holidays in a new place without loved ones around, find out how best to deal with the emotional fallout from a holiday move. 

Help a Senior Move

After several years of taking care of our bed-ridden father, the time had come for us to discuss long-term options as we could no longer properly care for him. Feelings of guilt and overwhelming sadness were all part of the experience, and something I think my mother struggled with for years afterward.

Unfortunately, this is something most of us will have to face during our lifetime. Making this decision as a caregiver and talking to your family member about such a move will be extremely difficult, bringing with it feelings of failure and guilt that you didn't do more. But knowing that others are experiencing the same type of move, helps. 

Help Kids Cope with a Move

Moving can be tough on kids. It's quite normal for children to feel like they don't have any control over the situation and that they were never part of this big decision.  Leaving behind friends and even their bedroom can feel overwhelming. So to ensure your kids feel like they're involved and included in this big life-changing event, try the following tips and tricks.

Help Teens Deal with a Move

While we know that moving is tough on us (the adults/parents), it's probably the hardest for a teen who is already experiencing his or her own age-related issues. Tack on a move to a new city or town, state or country, and their life just became a whole lot more complicated. Leaving behind friends, their school and a neighborhood they may have grown up in is especially hard on this age group.

Find out how to help your teen adjust to this major life change with these tips and suggestions. 

Spousal Moves: How to Move When it's Not Your Choice

If you're the one who is moving because of your partner, you may feel like you're getting the raw end of the deal, giving up what you have in order to support your significant other. This can lead to strain in the marriage and to a more difficult time adapting to your new location. While this is quite normal, there are ways that you can make the change a positive move for you.

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