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Your Essential Guide to Staying Healthy When Moving

All About Your Health and Moving


No matter how well you organize your move, moving is hard. It can be emotionally draining, stressful, and is often the time when we get sick. So when you're moving there are a few things you need to do to ensure you stay healthy, including that your health care costs are covered, reducing stress and finding out how to deal with the emotional side of moving.

1. How to Reduce Your Moving Stress

We all agree moving is stressful. Even though our family has moved (almost) too many times to count, I still worry and have heart palpitations every time I think about packing up our home. So, to help you de-stress during a move, check out these useful tips and suggestions to ensure that your move is as serene as it can be. You might even be able to enjoy the moment, look forward to the change, knowing that this move will be a positive and rewarding experience.

2. How to Ensure a Good Night's Sleep When Moving

Moving is difficult, stressful and it takes a lot of energy. It's a bit of a catch-22 since the more stressed you are, the less likely it is that you'll get a good night's sleep. And without a good night's sleep, how can you pack all those boxes? So instead of tossing and turning and counting sheep, check out our tips and suggestions for getting a good night's sleep so you'll be ensured of restful nights and productive days.

3. Tips for a Stress-free Family Move

If you have children, then you know that the one thing most of them don't particularly like is change. And moving is probably one of the biggest changes you can ever make as a family. So the key in any successful family move is to ensure that your children are part of the process.

Preparing and helping kids move is probably the most important step in the moving process and often the one that gets pushed aside for what seems to be the larger issues. Take the time to involve them. Not only will you make them feel like they count, but you'll also be creating some wonderful family memories. Find out how.

4. Moving to Another Country - Is Your Health Care Covered?

If you're moving to another country, one of the first things you need to research is health care insurance. If you or a family member becomes ill, are you covered? If so, what exactly does your insurance provide? Read everything you need to know about health insurance (but were afraid to ask) and make sure you and your family are protected for when an illness strikes.

5. How to Find a Walkable Community When You Move

For a really healthy move, live somewhere that is suitable for walking. In my numerous moves, I have found that my favorite places to live have more to do with the walkability of the neighborhood than anything else. There is simply nothing like being able to walk to the local grocer, cafe, bakery, library or nearby park. I gauge the liveability of a place by how little I have to use the car. It's good for your heart, your soul, and the environment. Let us help you find the Best Walkable Neighborhood to Live In.

6. How to Green-up Your Move

Moving can leave a large ecological footprint - all those boxes, tape and packing paper that end up in the trash, never mind the long-distance hauls and all those emissions. Trying to move while being aware of how to limit your contribution to waste does take a little extra planning and preparation; in the end, however, it can save you money and will definitely make you feel better that you've helped the environment. Here's how.

7. Move to the Healthiest Places in the World

One of the truisms that I come across now and then is that if you haven't got your health, then you really don't have anything. It makes sense therefore that when we think about where we'd like to move to and live, then why not look at the healthiest places in the world? People who live in these World's Healthiest Places tend to live longer than anyone else. Find out why

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