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When is the Best Time to Move?

How to Decide When to Move and Guides to Sesaonal Moving


If you're thinking of moving and aren't sure when would be the best time to move, or if you're moving in the summer or winter or during the school year, we have all the advice you need right here.

1. When is the Best Time to Move?

If your moving day is flexible, then you may want to consider a few options, weighing what is the best time for you to move. There are many factors to consider, including money-saving options and when might be the most beneficial for other members of your family.

Look at the whole picture and see how flexible you can be. It's surprising how much time and money you can save just by shifting your move date by a month or two.

2. When is it Peak Season for Moving?

Family Outside New Home

If your move is flexible in terms of when you can move, it's a good idea to determine when exactly peak season is so you can plan around it, if possible. Find out more here.

3. Is Summer the Best Time to Move?

Summer. It's a glorious time of year. The birds and bees love it, and we all love it for so many reasons. This is the time for holidays, weddings, outdoor activity, and barbecuing. Summer is also the season for moving. Thousands upon thousands choose this time of year to move. There are obvious reasons, and there are also other reasons that may not be so apparent. Find out if summer really is the best time for you to move.

4. Moving and Buying a Home in Winter

House for Sale

So the winter is not the best time to go house hunting, right? Not so fast. Although real estate gurus are often united in the opinion that the warmer months are better for house shopping, there are other very valid and even compelling reasons to buy real estate in the winter. Well, the very fact that there will be fewer buyers already means that you will be in less of a competition.

5. How to Move in Winter

When the thermometer drops drastically in the winter months, moving can be more challenging. Inevitably, you will find there are additional tasks and precautions you need to consider. Preparing the home is vital, and so is planning for traveling in wintry conditions. Vehicles have to be prepped and extra time allowed for travel.

With so many things already to think about, winter moving can seem tedious. But for those of you who have no choice but to move when it's cold outside, here are some Tips for Moving in Winter.

6. How to Move Your Children During the School Year

Changing schools because of a move is difficult. And it's even more difficult if that change happens partway through a school year. But often, as parents, we don't have the option of choosing when to move. If you find yourself in this situation, take heart. Your children will adjust. It might just take a little more effort and patience from you.

So, check out our tips and suggestions to help you help them.

7. How to Determine Your Move's Delivery Window

While this article helps you determine when your stuff needs to arrive and doesn't necessarily provide information on when you should move, a delivery window is an essential question you'll need to answer. So, when you decide to move will have an impact on when your things will arrive. For example, peak season moves may take longer to delivery.

So, if you're moving long distance and have hired movers to help you move, then you'll need to negotiate a delivery window. Often, people who are moving expect that their things will arrive on a specific day, when really movers will often give you a span of time, what is often referred to as a delivery window. So, to ensure you're not disappointed and waiting for your things to arrive, here are some tips on how to negotiate with your mover.

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