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How to Move in Winter

Tips for Cold Weather Moving


While moving in winter means you'll have an easier time renting a moving truck or hire a moving company, there are other things you'll need to do to prepare, including having the right supplies on hand and being ready for a change in weather and plans.

1. How to Prepare for Your Winter Move

If you're moving in winter, check these tips and suggestions on how to prepare your home and move for the cold and changeable weather.

2. Things You'll Need for a Winter Move

The major factor that you need to deal with when moving in winter is the inclement weather. To prepare, there are several things you'll need, items that aren't necessary for a move any other time of the year. Note that some items you'll have on hand, while others may need to be purcahsed before moving day.

3. Prepare Your Car or Moving Truck for the Winter Road Trip

If you're moving in winter, in particular if you're moving to another city or state, you'll need to prepare for travel to your new home, including preparing your car, planning your trip and ensuring you have everything you need to arrive safely.

4. Safe Winter Driving Tips

If you're traveling in the winter to your new home, make sure you know how to drive safely and be prepared for inclement weather with these winter driving tips.

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