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Save Money When You Move

Money Saving Tips for Your Move


Everyone wants to save money when they move, after all, moving can be very expensive, especially if you're moving further than the next street over. Through the many moves I've made, I've come up with quite a few cost-saving tips on how to save money when you move.

Save Money on Hiring Movers

If you really want to save money, and you're moving within the state, then it's probably best to move yourself. Renting a truck grabbing a few friends, then driving to your new home might take you a little more time and energy, but you'll be saving in the long run. Even with the increase in fuel costs, you'll likely still be ahead. Just don't forget to buy pizza and drinks for the volunteer movers!

Check out: Should I Move it Myself or Hire Movers? For tips on packing your stuff into the rental truck, read, How to Pack the Moving Truck.

If you need to hire movers, then make sure you know how to save money on moving company fees.

Buy Plastic Containers

I'm a big fan of plastic containers, especially for moving. What I usually do, is ask all my friends and family for any extra storage containers they might have, borrow them, use them for packing then return them when I'm finished.

It doesn't hurt to buy some either, especially if you know you'll use them for storage or have enough room in the garage to stack them away for the next time you move. Even though they cost money up front, you'll find you'll use them over and over again, no matter what you're moving.


My husband is a big fan of wine and liquor boxes, particularly to move books. Most wine or liquor stores will give them to you if you ask and since they're just the perfect size for packing smaller items and heavier things, like books, you'll find that the boxes can never be over-packed; they are always easy to manage.

If you're not fond of using grocery or liquor boxes for your move, you can always check out online listings for free boxes. CraigsList is a good resource. Some people will give away their old moving boxes just so they don't have to recycle them.

Garbage Bags

While I'm not a fan of using garbage bags simply because they tend to rip easily, they do work well for moving clothing and bedding. And if you purchase the clear garbage bags, you can actually see what's packed inside. This can make it a lot easier to sort which room the bags belong in.

Clothing and Linens and Plastic Bags

Another thing I'm not a fan of is packing popcorn and bubblewrap, just because neither are recyclable and it always seems like a waste of money to purchase. Instead, I used pillows, linens, towels, clothing and grocery bags to wrap fragiles, especially if we have a short move and can be assured that the boxes will be handled carefully. I just recommend marking the boxes well so that the movers know what's inside or if you're moving yourself, keep the fragile boxes in your car so that you can keep an eye on them.

Packing Supplies

If you have to purchase packing supplies, check out some of the cheaper options like dollar stores or discount chains. You can usually find packing tape, markers and sometimes even new boxes.
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