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Unpacking After The Move In

Moving In


Moving in and Unpacking may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a necessary evil. We have ways of organizing it so that the pain is minimized, and you can even find quite a bit of fun in the chore. But as you may well be aware, there are all kinds of little niggly details in unpacking that have to be dealt with that are hard to make fun. Things like dealing with all those empty moving boxes after, and the packing peanuts that get everywhere. Well, here's more unpacking help for you. Here you'll find all the help you will need. Step by step, you'll find yourself breezing from room to room in your new home, and getting the job done with these tips.

1. How To Unpack in 10 Steps

Couple having pizza in new house
The step by step approach is what works best for me, especially when it comes to unpacking. I like chopping things up into more palatable pieces and dealing with each chore one at a time. This ten-step unpacking plan is a surefire way to get the job done. Let the fun begin!

2. How to Organize Your Room's Closet

Well-organized closet
OK - time to free those skeletons from your closet. Don't worry, nobody's asking you to confess to anything, but if you're like me, your closet is one of the spaces you hope no one ever sees. Well, moving in is the best time to get it all organized so that your closet will be a joy to open and show off (if you so desire). Learn how right here.

3. How to Conduct a Home Inventory After You Move

notebook for inventory
There's nothing worse than getting ready to unpack your favorite items to find they are either lost or broken. Conducting a home inventory after a move makes sense. We'll show you how and also give you tips on checking off items while the movers are still there, and when they're not. Then, we'll show you how to file a claim, if it is necessary.

4. Unpacking Services: Are They Worth the Cost?

Unpacking in new home
OK. So what if you're just not up to unpacking after all you've already done in the move? well, there are unpacking services that take care of this last step for you. But are they worth the hassle and cost? When does it make sure to hire such a service? We'll tell you.

5. What to Do With All Those Moving Boxes

man carrying boxes
After a big move, you are sure to find yourself surrounded by all those moving boxes. What to do with all these boxes littered around your shiny new home? Well, the obvious thing is to recycle and reuse them. But sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. You are in a new neighborhood and are not yet well-versed in the existing recycling programs. Not to worry - we have some tips that will point you to how you can do your bit for the environment, and get those boxes out of your new house.

6. What To do With All Those Packing Peanuts After Moving?

Packing Peanuts
When packing fragile items, many moving companies insist that packing peanuts are a necessary evil. Once you have unpacked, though, they become less necessary and more evil! They tend to find a way to get just about everywhere, and are all but impossible to tame. We'll show you practical alternatives to using this often environmentally-unfriendly option, and also how to deal with these pesky peanuts if they cannot be avoided.

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