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Things You Need to Do After You Move

Once all the boxes arrive, you may think that the move is over - it's not! There are still lots of things you need to do. Check out these articles to ensure you're not forgeting any important tasks.

How to Hook Up Appliances and Electronics After a Move
When moving to a new home, often you'll be faced with having to install major appliances, like the washer and dryer, dishwasher and even the home computer. But don't worry. We have the perfect guide that will walk you through these installations to ensure you can do it all yourself without needing to call in the professionals.

How to Make Your New Home Fire-Safe
When you move to a new home, it's important to know how to keep your new home safe from fire. Find out how to pack safely, what to look for in your new home and the things you might need to protect you and your family.

How to Baby Proof Your Bathroom When You Move In
Find out how to baby-proof the bathroom in your new home.

How to Baby Proof Your New Kitchen
When moving to a new home with young children, we're not familiar with some of the dangers that might be lurking. Use this tip sheet to help you check your new space to make sure your baby is safe.

How to Conduct a Home Inventory After You Move
After a move, an important step in unpacking is to take a home inventory. You want to make sure that all your items made it to your new place without damage or loss.

Checklist: What to Do After The Move
A checklist on what you need to do after you move. Includes how to register to vote, checking electronics for damage and fitting into the neighborhood.

Moving In: Tips for Moving Day
Lists tips to help you on moving day.

Moving In - Setting Up Utilities
Moving to a new home means disconnecting your current utilities and setting up new accounts. Use this tip sheet to get the job done right.

Moving In - Know Your Contact Emergency Numbers
One of the first things you need to do when you move into a new home is to collect all the emergency numbers you might need.

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