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8 Questions to Ask Before You Rent Storage Space

How to Find Secure Storage for An Upcoming Move


If you need to rent storage for an upcoming move, use this question checklist as a guide to ensure your storage needs are met.

What are the size options for storage units?

Find out the various sizes available and the cost to rent each. You should already know how much you need to store and for how long. Make sure your storage space size is adequate. Also find out if you can receive a deal for longer-term storage or if it's possible to rent storage for short periods, depending on your need.

Does the storage facility have temperature controlled units?

This may be important if you plan on storing valuable items over several months. With external temperatures changing frequently (night vs. day and seasonal changes) your things may be susceptible to dampness, mold or mildew.

What's kind of security do they have in place?

Make note of the type of security they have and whether the facility is patrolled regularly.

Is there a smoke alarm in each building along with a sprinkler system?

This is a common-sense question that often gets overlooked when renting a storage unit.

When can you access the storage unit and how?

Does the facility allow 24/7 access or only at certain times? Find out how to access your unit which will also provide information about their security system.

Does the facility provide insurance and do you need to supplement it?

Make sure your things are adequately insured. If the facility's insurance doesn't cover the cost of your things, find out if your home insurance can extend to storage or if you need to purchase more.

Have there been any break-ins and if so, how did they occur?

If there have been break-ins previously, find out what the company did to rectify the problem and if the customer was covered for the costs.

Can the facility provide references of satisfied customers?

Not all companies will grant this wish, but it's worth it to ask.

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