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This section will help you decide it it's time for you to move and will provide information on the next steps in planning your move, with resources on finding a new job, moving overseas, financial issues and finding the best place to live for you and your family.
  1. Should You Move?
  2. Choose Where to Move to
  3. Prepare to Move
  4. Budgeting for a Move
  1. Moving Overseas
  2. Moving Resources
  3. Move to College

Should You Move?

Family moving

How do you decide to move? Is moving best for you? What should you move? Check out these articles to find out if moving is the best thing for you and your family.

  1. Why People Move
  2. Moving During a Difficult Time
  3. Moving For Your Career
  4. When Is the Best Time to Move?
  5. Older Adults: Is it Time to Move?

Choose Where to Move to

Coastal town

Find great tips and suggestions on finding the right city, community, rental and home for you and your family, includes online resources and tools to help make your choice a little easier.

  1. 10 Steps to Finding the Best Place to Live
  2. Finding the Best Place to Live: Compare Cities
  3. How to Choose the Right Neighborhood
  4. Is a Planned Community Right For You?
  1. Deciding Where to Move: Schools
  2. Research Cities and Communities Before You Move
  3. Salary Calculator

Prepare to Move

Packing supplies

Now that you've decided to move, find out where to start to get your move organized. Find out how to choose a neighborhood, how to find a job, preparing friends and family, knowing the best time to move, budgeting, setting a timeline and moving checklists.

  1. Where to Start?
  2. What You Need to Do Before You Move
  3. Create a Task-List and Schedule
  4. How to Find a Good School
  1. How to Choose the Right Neighborhood
  2. Should You Hire a Moving Company or Move Yourself?
  3. Should I Buy or Rent?

Budgeting for a Move

Budget Planning

Moving can be expensive and requires some careful planning. Find out how much your move will cost, before and after, and discover ways to save with some easy tips and suggestions.

  1. What's the Real Cost Before and During Your Move?
  2. What's the Real Cost After You Move
  3. How to Set-up a Moving Budget
  4. Top 10 Ways to Save Money
  1. Moving into Your First Home: Preparing Your Finances
  2. Can You Deduct Your Moving Expenses?
  3. What Expenses Can You Deduct?
  4. A 411 Service That's Free!

Moving Overseas


Our international moving guide will ensure your overseas move goes smoothly. With tips on finding a job, visas, contracts and negotiations, it also provides key information on medical coverage, insurance, and international schooling. In addition, it outlines how to move your car, your finances, your household goods, and provides advice on settling into a new culture; also outlines ways to stay in touch with friends and family.

  1. International Moves - Where Do I Start?
  2. Preparing to Move Overseas
  3. International and Regional Moving: Do Your Research
  4. Visas and Work Permits
  5. How to Move Your Stuff to Another Country
  6. Packing to Move Overseas
  7. International Moving: Money Matters
  8. Moving Your Pet to Another Country
  9. Negotiating a Job Contract
  10. Visas and Work Permits
  1. What is Culture Shock?
  2. How to Lessen the Impact of Culture Shock
  3. Health Care Overseas
  4. All About International Schools
  5. How to Choose a School Overseas
  6. Educational Documents - What Your Child Needs to Enroll
  7. Driving in Another Country
  8. Should I Take My Car With Me?
  9. Using Electronic Devices
  10. To Buy or Rent?

Moving Resources

Finding Websites

Resources to help you move, including websites, books and other tools to help all members of your family with this big change.

  1. Moving Glossary
  2. Salary Calculator
  3. Career Builder
  4. Monster.com
  5. Country Reports
  6. Country Watch
  1. Tips for Buying Your First Home
  2. Mortgage Calculator
  3. Online Home Appraisal Tool
  4. Find a Community From a Bird's Eye View
  5. Find Rentals with this Interactive Map

Move to College

College campus

How to plan a move to college, including tips on moving into a dorm room or into your first apartment.

  1. Move into a Dorm Room
  2. Stuff You'll Need
  3. How Much Will My First Apartment Cost?
  1. Stocking the Kitchen
  2. For Parents - Help Your Child Move
  3. For Parents - Make the Transition Easier

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