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Moving to Another State

Plan and Move State to State


Moving to another state requires a little more planning and prep work than moving within a state. You'll need to look at differences in tax rates, housing options and how to actually make the move. Find out how to move state to state with these easy to use guides.

Find the Most Affordable Cities and Towns

With the price of gas and food on the rise, most of us are looking for the best affordable places to live, places where our dollar will stretch further and last a little longer. To help you in your pursuit of the best places to live in another state, check out these resources and suggestions of what may be the perfect place for you and your family.

Hire State to State Movers

When relocating and hiring a moving company to take you across the country, keep these do's and don't's in mind. Something as simple as having a pen and paper ready to check off items as they're unloaded from the truck will save you a lot of time and aggravation later on.

Housing Costs

When considering a move to another state, most people wonder if they can afford to live in the new location. Housing costs are the first priority when assessing cost of living. So, how do you find out what is available and how affordable homes are?

All About State Taxes

State income tax is one of the major forms of taxes that will affect you when you move to a new state. Don't forget, though, that sales tax and property tax will also change and should be considered as you plan your move.

Find a New School

Moving and relocating your child to a new home, particularly in a new state is difficult, especially if you've been involved in your child's education by helping out in the classroom or signing up for school outings. Find out how to find the best school for your child before you move.

Move Pets to a New State

Transporting pets to a new state or province requires a lot of planning and research. For instance, in Canada, the major national airline recently stopped transporting pets. This severely limits the ability to move a domestic animal across the country. So, when you're planning a move, make sure you allow time to arrange the safe transport of your companion animals.
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