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Top 10 Moving Questions to Help You Move

FAQs From Readers on How to Plan and Conduct a Household Move


We've put together the top 10 questions that people ask when they're thinking about moving. We start with some of the first questions you need to ask yourself then proceed to ask some of the more technical questions around how to move, what you need to do and how to actually ensure the move goes through on time and on budget.

1. Should I move myself or hire movers?

This is a question that plagues all people on the move. And like most decisions, the answer is different for everyone depending on numerous factors such as time, money, difficulty and complexity of the move. If you're moving across town, a self-move may make more sense than if you're moving across the country. Still, to ensure you're making the best decision, it's a good idea to weigh all the options.

2. How do I hire dependable movers?

The last time we moved, I had to leave quickly because of a new job contract. While I sat in an empty house a thousand miles away, my husband was busy packing our old home and trying to hire good movers.

Now, my husband was more than capable of getting the move done, but I still found myself coaching him through researching, choosing and hiring a mover. My insistence on conducting thorough research may seem extreme, but I've been the victim of a really bad move - one that left me in tears, requiring the police and a news investigation team to get even a fraction of my stuff back.

So, I'm telling you what I told my husband, find out what you need to know before you hire so you, the contents of your home, and your bank account don't get caught by rogue movers.

3. Should I tip the movers and if so, how much?

I had an email from a woman who was moving from one end of the city to another, and she wanted to know the rules about tipping the movers. It's a good question and one that not many people ask or are even aware that such a tipping practice exists.

While I've had my share of bad movers, overall, the majority have done their job well. And when that happens, I certainly compensate the movers not only because a good job should always be rewarded, but also because I may need their services in future and a good tip will usually guarantee that they'll go that extra mile should I need them to.

Find out how much to tip and when in this moving FAQ.

4. How do I rent a moving truck?

Before you plan your move, you need to decide how you're going to move: hire a moving company or rent a moving truck and load it yourself.

To save money and if you're not moving too far, you may consider renting a truck and getting friends and family to help pack it. But before you do, check out this guide to truck rentals to find out what you need to know before you sign the rental agreement.

5. How can I help my family move?

With the overwhelming demands of moving, we often neglect the all important step: getting your family involved from the beginning planning stage.

Helping your family move includes finding good schools in advance, researching the new city you are moving to, as well as talking to your children about the move. Remember that the psychological and emotional aspects of a move can be just as important, especially to younger children, as the physical move itself.

6. How do I get rid of stuff I don't want to move?

Okay, so you no longer like that vinyl red couch that your parents gave you when left home for the first time, but don't know what to do with it? Well, one person's junk is another person's treasure and at no other time in history does that statement ring more true than now, in an age of e-Bay and Craigslist and Kijiji.

So, to help you through the maze of how to get rid of stuff you no longer want, we've put together this list of the top four ways to get rid of stuff - a good thing to do before you move.

7. How do I pack my stuff?

Packing is probably the most important step in the whole moving process. We often get caught up in the big concerns like hiring movers and neglect the basics. If you pack well, not only will the move go a lot smoother, but your possessions will stand a better chance of arriving safe and sound.

Check out this exhaustive list of how to pack up your entire home, including what supplies you'll need along with detailed guides to packing room by room.

8. What happens on moving day?

Moving day is always chaotic no matter how well organized you are or how many people are helping out. It's the only day when you'll be both moving out and moving in all within the same twenty-four hour period. It's stressful. It's complex. But we're here to help ease the stress, to remind you of things you need to do and to provide information so you'll know exactly what to expect when moving day arrives.

9. How do I settle in?

Moving in and settling into your new home can be the most exciting part of the move. As worn out as you may feel after the move itself, you'll find yourself geared up to really settle in and enjoy the new house and the neighborhood. What we have here is a list of moving in tips that will help you with settling in.

10. How can I save money on my move?

In the current economic climate, saving money is critical, especially if you're moving. With rising gas prices, moving just became a lot more expensive, especially for those of you moving to another city or state or country. To try to cut back on some moving costs, costs that we can actually control, check out this list of tips and suggestions.

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