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Before You Start to Pack, Create a Task-List and Schedule


Okay, so you have your move date set, you know where you're moving to, but getting from now to the move date itself probably feels a little overwhelming. With so many things to do, where do you even begin to organize it all? Our guide to an 8 week time line may just help you establish all those tasks that need to get done and when so you don't miss a thing.

Eight Weeks Before You Move

It's just two months before you say goodbye to your house, your neighborhood, family and friends, and by now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Not to worry. Just keep this handy list next to your side and with a bright red marker, tick off the items as you complete them. Soon you'll find yourself actually looking forward to moving day!

Six Weeks Before You Move

That move is now starting to hover right over your shoulder, breathing down your neck, making you sweat. Hey, don't sweat! If you followed the 8 week guide to getting started, you're sitting very pretty amongst the chaos of your home-in-transit.

Remember, you don't need to do these steps in the order listed below, just make sure you get them done or they'll be added to the four-week list!

4 Weeks Before You Move

With a month to go before the big day, you may be feeling like you'll never get it all done, but trust me, you can! All you need to do is take a breath, stop looking at the big picture and start concentrating on the small steps.

Two Weeks Before You Move

Two weeks to go... We're almost there! This is the most stressful period, when it feels like there will never be enough time to finish everything. Maybe it's time to call in some help. Rally some friends or family or neighbors, offer them a glass of wine and hand them a box. Most people are glad to help out, plus it gives them all a little extra time to spend with you before you leave.

Two Days Before You Move

There are just two days left before you say goodbye to your old bedroom, your old backyard where you had some great barbecues, and to the familiar sounds of your neighborhood. Probably by now you're ready to go, just wishing it would all be over, anticipating the new start. But hold on; there's still some things you need to take care of that need to be done in the next two days.

It's Moving Day

Set your alarm early because it's moving day! This is the day you've been waiting and planning for for the past eight weeks and now it's finally here.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep, take the children to a babysitter or neighbors, drink lots of coffee and get ready for the final tasks in your soon-to-be old home.

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