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Before You Move


Even after all our moves, from city to city, across the country and even internationally, I still get a little overwhelmed when I think about the next move. To help get a handle on all the things you need to think about, organize and make happen, this handy guide is a great place to start. Once you've read through these steps, you'll see that it isn't really that bad after all. Just remember to keep breathing, stay focused and try to take time to be excited about the upcoming change.

Tell Your Family and Get Them Involved

Statistics say that the number one reason why people move is for a job or to start a new career. Often, the decision to move doesn't really feel like a choice as companies transfer or prospects are better in another city or state. So, the move may be better for you, but what about your family? Telling family members that it's time to move is difficult, so including them on the moving decision early is a good idea.

Do Your Research

If you need to decide where to move or if you know your destination, but aren't sure about the neighborhood, these articles will guide you through some of the initial decisions you'll need to make.

Decide How to Move

Deciding how to move may seem like a simple choice; however, a lot depends on your budget, time and whether you can convince a neighbor or friend to help out. Check out these tips to making the choice on how to move.

Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a good moving company is a lot harder than first imagined as there are so many to choose from. Where do you even start? The first place is by doing some research, most of which can be conducted right from your computer. Then I suggest selecting at least 5 companies and interviewing them over the phone. Next, get familiar with moving terminology, such as binding and non-binding estimates.

Move it Yourself

If you're moving locally, you may decide to save some money and move yourself. Self moves tend to be financially smarter when you're moving a short distance.

Find Out What Your Move Will Cost

This is the part that most people forget to do; figure out exactly what your move will cost so you aren't surprised when you get that final credit card bill. Also, this may be a place to start if you're not sure if you should move; can you afford to move? How much will your move set you back? Plus, I'll even throw in a free moving budget template that will get you started. Just check out the articles below.

Set Up a Moving Timeline

If you set a timeline for your move, you'll find it easy to check off tasks week by week to ensure you don't forget anything such as booking a babysitter, getting shots for Fido or calling the city for a parking permit for the moving truck.

Get Packing

Most people hate packing; I'm definitely one of them. However, there are some tricks I've discovered over the years that have helped cut down on time, effort and hair-pulling.

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