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Moving 101 - Where to Start?

Everything You Need to Know About Moving


Moving 101 - Where to Start?

For some people they'd rather give birth than move; while it ranks as one of my least favorite things to do, it doesn't have to be quite so painful. The key to any good move is to know where you're going, be organized and plan ahead.

If you're dreaming of moving, it's not quite a reality yet, but you're here and you're reading this article, then good for you! You're planning ahead! Do some research. Find out where to move to, where your career might bloom, where the safest place to raise your family might be. The possibilities are endless. Dream. Dream big and move!

Once you've made a firm decision, and you have your family on board, the next debate is whether to move your things yourself or hire a moving company. The answer usually comes down to cost versus time, depending on where you're moving to (distance) and how much stuff you have.

Selecting a truck to rent or a moving company is not easy. Both present their own challenges and both require research, many phone calls and a little perseverance.

Once you've decided on how you'll be moving, you then need to decide what and how much you'll be moving. You'll need a pretty accurate guestimate before you book the rental truck or before you invite moving companies into your home or before you rent storage or buy packing supplies. Decide at the beginning of your planning stage what will move with you and what will stay behind.

After you've made your piles of "keep" and "don't keep", now you can get down to the fun stuff: packing! Oh, joy! Packing is a task that seems like it might be fun, or at least tolerable, but very quickly tumbles into chaos and frustration, just wishing for it to be over. Or maybe I've moved too many times. No matter how you feel about packing, it has to be done. Of course, you can hire others to do it or you can rope your kids, your friends or neighbors into it or you can get so tired of it, that your "don't keep" pile starts growing.

If you're "don't keep" pile grows too big, you'll need to think about ways of getting rid of it; maybe host a garage sale, donate it or if necessary, put it into storage. Just don't pack it. Leave room at your new place for new stuff!

Once you're packed and sorted, go over your checklists of what you need to do to make sure you're on track. An eight-week guideline will help in assigning tasks and making sure everything gets done.

So, now that you've decided where, how, what and when you're going to move, the hard part is over. Now you can sail on through to a very successful move.

That really wasn't so bad, was it?

Happy moving.

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