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Discusses how to choose a neighborhood based on schools, child and elder care, crime statistics, property values, infrastructure, transportation. Also includes tips on how to find a job, preparing friends and family, the best time to move, budgeting, setting a timeline and sample checklists.
  1. Best Places to Live (33)
  2. Employment (14)
  3. Finding a Home (43)
  4. First Steps to Moving (24)
  5. Free Moving Schedules & Planners (16)
  6. Last Minute Moves (4)
  7. Moving Destinations (72)
  8. Moving Into Your First Home (8)
  9. Moving Into a Smaller Home (7)
  10. Moving a Business/Office (11)
  11. Moving for College Students (6)
  12. Moving to Another State (7)
  13. Should You Move? (8)
  14. You're Moving - Now What? (37)

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Your Home
If you only look at one guide on this entire site, then this should be it. With everything you need to know about packing and moving your home, including tips for unpacking and settling into the new space. It's all right here.

When is the Best Time to Move?
If you're thinking of moving and aren't sure when would be the best time to move, or if you're moving in the summer or winter or during the school year, we have all the advice you need right here.

Top 10 Moving Questions to Help You Move
Everything you've asked yourself about your upcoming move you'll find the answers to is all right here.

Moving - All About Planning and Preparation
Moving is a big event. Planning and Preparing your move is the first step to a successful move. Check out these useful tips before you move. Remember that a bit of planning can go a long way towards a move that is as smooth as possible. This guide includes tips on coping with stress, hiring movers, moving in winter, and essentially walks you through the entire process with all kinds of useful moving tips.

Why Do You Move? Stories about Moving - Reasons for Moving
If you're planning a move or have moved in the past, share your story about why you moved. Was it for a new job? For school? For a new experience?

The Top What-If Questions Asked by People Moving
Just before a move I always doubt our decision; usually, it's too late to back out (although, I'm a firm believer it's never too late). These doubts come from my own fears of the move not working out. Find out what the common "What if?" questions are then face the fear to see that if even the worst happens, you'll be okay.

How to Prepare Your Home for Selling

Move Healthily - How to Move Green
All the info about how to have a healthy move, from living in the healthiest places, to recyling boxes.

How to Break an Apartment Rental Lease Before You Move
Before you move from your apartment, find out what you need to know about your lease and how to move without incurring extra costs.

Funniest Moving Story - What's the Funniest Thing that Happened During Your Move
Moving is so stressful that sometimes it's good to reflect on things that happened during a move that now makes you laugh. Share your funny story with others who are on the move.

Tips for Greening Up Your Move
Moving can have a huge impact on our ecological footprint - all those boxes and tape and packing paper that end up in the trash, never mind the long-distance hauls and all those emissions. Save money and the environment with these easy-to-follow tips.

Prepare Your Home Exterior For Sale
If you're moving and you have to sell your home, use these simple tips and suggestions for preparing the exterior of your home for the big sale.

Preparing For a Move
Quick tips on how to plan for a move, preparing the family, deciding how to move, hiring movers, moving yourself, budgeting

Preparing Your House Interior For Sale
Tips on how to prepare your home for sale before a move. Staging a home for sale will help you achieve a successful sale.

What's the worst thing that happened to you during a move?
Anyone who's moved before has a story to tell, especially if you had something go wrong. Well, this is your chance to share that moving story, to let us all know the worst thing that happened to you during a move and how you resolved the problem and what you may have learned from it. See submissions

What is Your Best Moving Experience?
I know there are lots of readers out there who've had a good moving experience, whether they moved themselves with the help of friends or hired a moving company that went the extra mile to make sure your move went well. This is your chance to tell the world - share your moving story!See submissions

How Did You Survive Moving Day?
Help other movers move by telling us your tips on how to survive moving day.See submissions

Moving - Free Moving E-courses to Help You Move and Settle into a New Home

Moving is one of the most difficult things you can do, yet many of us will undergo several moves within our lifetimes. To help, we've developed e-courses that will take you through the steps for a successful and stressfree move. Get started now by signing up. Did I mention they're free?

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