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Guide to Packing Supplies

What You Need to Pack and Move


Whenever our family is preparing to move, one of the first things I do is to create a list of packing supplies that we'll need. Find out what you'll need to pack and move your house, including information on types of boxes, where to find boxes and what to do with supplies after you've finished moving.

1. Which Supplies You Need and How Much?

Nothing is more frustrating than when you start packing your household, and suddenly realize you're out of packing tape, your spouse forgot to save the morning newspaper (again!) and the bubble wrap has provided hours of entertainment for your dog, who has left pink plastic shreds all over your living room floor. After taking a deep breath, you trudge out to the supply store and discover they no longer sell the box sizes you need and their packing tape is on back-order.

Why not take stock before you even begin to pack, determining what is needed, how much is needed and where the best place to purchase your supplies might be. Do you have time to go from store to store or is it better to order everything online and have it delivered right to your door?

2. Printable Packing Supplies Shopping List

I don't know about you, but whenever I go shopping I need a list. Otherwise, I'll end up forgetting some important things - like sugar for the chocolate cake I was going to make - or when moving, the packing tape. And you can't pack without packing tape.

Fortunately, you don't need to forget anything when shopping for your packing supplies, because we've made this (free!) shopping list just for you.

3. What Kind of Boxes Do You Need?

Cell Box

Getting the right moving box isn't going to make or break your move, but it will help to ensure your stuff arrives at its new home all in one piece...and it may save you some time, perhaps some money and a few days stuck on the couch with a sore back or strained muscles from lifting boxes that are too heavy or too cumbersome to manage. So find out what kind of boxes are available, what you might need to move your stuff, then get packing.

4. How to Assemble a Moving Box

If you're packing and moving, make sure you do a thorough job of assembling your moving boxes so that your possessions are not damaged. This video from About.com will show you how to assemble moving boxes.

5. Is It Okay to Move With Used Boxes?

I get asked this question a lot, and my answer usually varies, depending on the stuff that is being moved. I think if you can find good used boxes, then not only are you saving yourself money (and who doesn't need more of that these days?), but you're also recycling; saving the planet from even more waste.

It can be a win-win for everyone. So, check out this FAQ to decide if used boxes will work for your move, plus find out where to get some - free, of course!

6. What to Do with Boxes AFter You Move

If you've just moved, you're probably inundated with boxes. In fact, you're probably so tired of boxes that the thought of birthday or Christmas presents makes you shudder.

Take heart. While boxes have ruled your life for the past few weeks (or months), there are ways of ridding your home of all that cardboard while, at the same time, limiting your impact on the environment.

7. How to Recycle Packing Peanuts

I hate packing peanuts. I try to avoid them as much as possible, but sometimes they get into your home through online purchases or because your husband thought they'd be useful for packing his beloved wine glass collection.

So if you find yourself knee-deep in these pesky peanuts, don't lose heart. Instead, check out this article on what to do with all those peanuts.

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