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Move With Pets

Great information on how to move pets both locally and internationally. Includes details on what you need to ensure they arrive safely and how to help them settle into their new home.

How to Move a Cat or Dog
Moving a cat? Here you find help and advice on pet travel, pet transport, and other tips on moving your cat or dog.

Moving with Pets - Flying Your Pets to Their New Home
If you're planning a move with pets within the US, there's a new option for pet owners: Pet Airways.

Pet Travel - Tips and Tricks for When You Move
Find out what you need to do when you move to arrange pet travel, including tips on pet shipping, settling them in and finding a good vet.

Moving Pets to a New State
Find out what you need to do when you move pets to a new city. Includes tips on registration and finding a vet.

How to Move Your Pets Across an International Border
If you're moving your pet to another country, there are a few things you'll need to do before the move. Don't get caught at the border with your kitty or dog in tow without having all you need to move them quickly and safely.

Moving Dogs: Tips and Tricks
Provides information on how to move dogs stress-free.

Moving Cats: Tips and Tricks
Advice for moving cats.

Flying Your Pets to their New Home
What you need to know about flying your pets to your new home.

Finding a Good Vet: Take a Tour and Ask Questions
When moving with pets, it's important to thouroughly check out a vet in your new hometown. Find out the questions to ask and what you should know before you choose.

Pet Travel - Moving Pets
Planning a move with a cat or dog? Here's help for pet travel. Moving pets can be trying, but here's a story of how one brave couple managed to move lock, stock and barrel across three countries crossing two international borders with two old dogs and an ancient cat.

How to Help Cats Settle into a New Home After a Move
If you're moving with cats, we provide some essential suggestions that will help both you and your feline adjust to your new home.

Moving With a Dog
Tips on how to help your dog settle in after a move. How to make pets feel comfortable in thier new space after a move.

Moving to a New Country: What About My Pet?
Discusses considerations when moving pets to a new country, including preparation and transporting, quarantine, restrictions, vaccinations, papers and clearing customs.

Pets On the Road
Provides information on taking your pet on the road, including how to book lodging and how to keep your pet safe and happy.

How to Find a Good Vet
From About's Guide to Veterinary Medicine, tips and suggestions on finding a good vet in your new home town.

Moving Your Dog to a New Town
Great resource if you're moving your dog to a new city, town or neighborhood.

10 Tips for Moving Cats
Great, humorous piece on moving from a cat's point of view.

How to Travel Long Distance by Car with Pets
If you're planning a long distance move and have to get your cat or dog or both to your new home, then you'll need to do some extra work to figure out how best to move them, including ensuring their safe delivery while on the road.

Moving Horses Across U.S./Canada Border
Great article on moving your horse(s) across the 49th. Includes documentation required and contact information for ports of entry.

Horse Trailering: Safety Tips
Provides detailed information on transporting your horse safely. Includes how to prepare a safety kit.

Moving Tropical Fish
Very informative article on how to safely transport your tropical fish. Provides a step-by-step guide and resources required.

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