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Help Your Family Move

Tips and Suggestions for Helping Your Family Through a Move


Moving when you're single is difficult in itself; moving with a family - a spouse, children and pets - adds another level of stress. To prepare for a family move, check out the following articles that will help keep everyone involved and excited about the upcoming change.

1. How to Tell Your Kids About the Move

You've just received a promotion, but it involves a transfer. You finally have a chance to return to school, but it's in another state. Your company would like you to open a new office in Munich, but that's in...Germany. Maybe you've been through a sudden loss or divorce and you need to start over somewhere else. Whatever the reason, you've weighed all the options and know this is the best move for both you and your family. The only problem is, how do you break it to the kids?

Get tips and suggestions on telling the kids "we're moving" and help them cope a little easier to the news.

2. Help Kids Prepare for the Move

If you have children, then you know that the one thing most of them don't particularly like is change. And moving is probably one of the biggest changes you can ever make as a family. So the key in any successful family move is to ensure that your children are part of the process.

Preparing kids to move is probably the most important step and often the one that gets pushed aside for what seems to be the larger issues. Take the time to involve them. Not only will you make them feel like they count, but you'll also be creating some wonderful family memories.

3. Create a Family Time Line for Your Move

When you're planning a family move, it's helpful to create a time line that the whole family can participate in, right from the beginning. Children should be able to see themselves as part of the picture, which includes getting them involved in the moving process and making sure details are not missed.

4. How to Help Teens Move

While moving is hard on most members of the family, this kind of major change is especially difficult for teens. Leaving behind friends, teachers, mentors and a neighborhood they may have grown up in, adds even more pressure to an already stressful time.

There are ways you can help your teenage son or daughter make a smoother transition to their new home so they feel part of the decision to move.

5. How to Help Them Pack Their Room

It's important when you're moving to ensure that your kids are involved in the process right from the beginning. This will give them some sense of control and involvement in the decision when often they feel their lives spinning out of control.

So, getting them to organize and pack their own room is a great place to start. Every age can help, with more responsibility and decision-making given to the older members of the family. Just remember that some of the things you'll need to start this process is patience, understanding and the ability to listen. After that, it's pretty simple. Find out how to help kids pack their things with this easy-to-follow guide.

6. Moving Kids During the School Year

Child Raising Hand

Changing schools because of a move is difficult. And it's even more difficult if that change happens partway through a school year. But often, as parents, we don't have the option of choosing when to move. If you find yourself in this situation, take heart. Your children will adjust. It might just take a little more effort and patience from you.

Check out our tips and suggestions to help your kids move during the school year.

7. Help Kids Adjust to a New School

One of the most difficult tasks when moving to a new community, is finding a good school. It's not that good schools are few and far between, it's just that you know all your child's teachers, have been involved in school activities and are certain your child is receiving a good education.

So why not make it fun for both you and your child by researching options, then taking a tour, asking lots of questions and spending some time in a classroom? Getting your child involved in the process will help them adapt more quickly to the change and will reassure you that this move is a positive change for the entire family.

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