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Move Your Family

Find out how to help your family move, from breaking the news, to assisting family members to resources to assist everyone in your household.
  1. Finding a New School (10)
  2. Move With Pets (21)
  3. Moving Children (18)
  4. Moving Seniors (13)
  5. Moving Teens (5)
  6. Moving for College Students (30)

Help Your Family Move
If you and your family are planning a move, check out these great resources to help every member be part of the moving process - no matter what their age.

All About Moving and Jobs
Whether you're planning a move because of a new job, or a job transfer or even if you're planning on move without a job, we have everything you need to ensure your success.

How to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Moving
Moving is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do, with most feeling the stress build from the moment the decision is made. Find out how to cope with the move, with tips and suggestions for the whole family.

Healthy Moves - Reduce Your Family's Stress When Moving
Moving is stressful and with stress often comes colds, flu bugs and other illnesses. Find out how to keep you and your family healthy during your move.

Before You Move Your Family: Preparation Tips
Before you move your family, there are ways to prepare them, including finding a good school, settling in the kids and helping your spouse adjust.

Best Places to Live for Families
If you're planning a move, find out what the best place to live is for your family.

Your Essential Guide to Staying Healthy When Moving
No matter how well you organize your move, moving is hard. It can be emotionally draining, stressful, and is often the time when we get sick. So when you're moving there are a few things you need to do to ensure you stay healthy, including that your health care costs are covered, reducing stress and finding out how to deal with the emotional...

Move to St. Paul/Minneapolis - A Top City For Families
St. Paul/Minneapolis - voted one of the best cities to bring up a family. Find out why, and see some of the real estate deals you can get there.

Moving - Help Kids Move
Moving can be tough on kids. It's quite normal for children to feel like they don't have any control and that they were never part of this big decision. So to ensure your kids feel like they're involved in this big life-changing event, and to help make the transition a little easier, try the following tips and tricks.

Spousal/Partner Relocating: How to Cope with the Move
Moving to a new place can be a time of positive change, but what if you have to leave behind a job so your spouse or partner can pursue their career dreams? Find out how to cope and turn the move into an opportunity for you.

Help for Kids Moving - Settling into New Room
Help for children settling in to a new room, home and neighborhood. Tips on how to help kids settle in after a move. Help children settle into their new room on the first night after moving.

Top 10 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Moving to a New House

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