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Moving to British Columbia

If you're thinking of moving to British Columbia, this is the place for you. With information on employment resources, city destinations and community living, you'll find everything you need.

British Columbia's Official Website
A great place to start your research on this beautiful province. Includes information on jobs and the economy and education.

Tourism B.C.
What would you like to see and do? Find out all about this adventurous province and discover if it's a place you'd like to live and play.

Working in B.C.: International Qualifications
A guide to international qualifications, including a great series of fact sheets called "Your Roadmap to Recognition".

Immigrating to B.C.: What You Need to Know
Provides information on moving to B.C., including job searches, a newcomer's guide and immigration resources.

B.C. Statistics
Population, employment and immigration statistics are just a few of the examples included in this detailed site. Find out all about living and working in B.C. from this government website.

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