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Safety and Security Tips for When You Move

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure When Moving


Whenever you move, you need to be aware of all the problems that can arise during the move, and more importantly, how to prevent them. Accidents, injuries, stollen goods, and neighborhood crime rates can all impact your moving life. So, before you move, find out everything you need to know about ensuring your move is free from safety concerns.

1. Avoid Injuries When Moving

At some point in our lives, we've all had the job of moving a heavy piece of furniture or a box that we probably shouldn't be lifting, something that's just too difficult to manage. And then there's the problem of narrow doorways, steep staircases and tiny hallways that lead to a lot of pushing, tugging and hair-pulling. If you have a heavy piece of furniture or boxes that you need to move, check out how to lift, haul and handle heavy items so you, your family and friends don't experience any injuries because of the move.

2. How to Move Awkward and Heavy Things

Don't throw out your back or wreck your house by attempting to move something you're not quite sure how to move. Check out these tips on moving the heavy stuff and you'll save time and toes.

3. How to Safely Load a Rental Moving Truck

The majority of back injuries occur when loading and unloading the moving truck. This is most likely due to the fact that the moving truck itself doesn't have a lot of room in which to move around with most of us bending and squatting in awkward positions. Never mind the fact that if you have a few people helping you, you'll be rushed to get things in place without thinking about your back or neck. Find out how to load and unload the moving truck injury-free.

4. Top 5 Tools to Help You Move Safely

A reader recently asked: "If I'm moving myself, what other equipment do I need besides a moving truck?" This is such a great question, in particular if you want to make sure your move doesn't cause any injuries to yourself or anyone who is helping you move. There's nothing worse than starting to move your things onto the rental truck only to throw out your back, shoulder or even spraining an ankle (which I've done - twice - while moving). Here's my list of "must haves" if you're moving yourself.

5. Compare City Crime Rates

When planning a move, some of us struggle with where to move to, wanting to find the best place to live. This is especially true if you're moving to find a better job, a better school or because you've gone through a difficult time. Even if you know where you're moving to, it's always a good idea to do your research first, knowing how the city you're moving to compares to the one you're currently living in. Whenever we're planning a move, the first thing I do when looking for a new city and neighborhood is to compare crime rates. Find out how.

6. Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft "occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name, Social Security number or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes."

It's a fact: whenever you change addresses, you leave yourself vulnerable to identity theft. But if you know why you might be vulnerable and how thieves can use your move to their advantage, then you can ensure that all vulnerabilities are addressed before you move from your home.

Find out how to protect yourself from identity theft when you move.

7. Create an Emergency Contact List

I've just moved into our new home, almost 1200 miles away from my family. Now, I'm not used to living alone, nevermind in a strange house without any furniture. And there's still two weeks to go before the rest of my family can join me. So, when on a Saturday night at 3:00 am, I heard a rattle at the back door, like someone was trying to get in, I panicked and dialed the the local police station.

While the police didn't find any suspects, and I still don't know to this day if there really was someone at my back door or if my over-paranoid mind got the best of me, I was certainly glad that I'd prepared myself by creating an emergency contact list that I keep posted on the fridge.

This should always be the first thing you do whenever you move into a new neighborhood or city; it's important that all family members know where to find this list when needed. Use this guide to put together your emergency list so if you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night or have a sick child or even if you're not quite sure if the medication you're taking should be swallowed with food, you can get in touch with the right person - quickly.

8. Tips for a Safe Winter Move

For many of us, we're in the middle of the snowiest winter on record. And if you're moving during this time, I have some good news and bad news: the good news is, you'll probably have your pick of movers or if you're renting a moving truck, you shouldn't have any problem with finding trucks available - you might even be able to negotiate your price!

But the bad news is, moving in winter presents its own set of challenges. Things that you might not think of before moving day arrives. So, to help you with your cold weather move, we've made a list of things you need to do to get ready so you're prepared for whatever winter throws your way.

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