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Moving - Rent a Truck For Your Move

What Size Do You Need for Your Move?


Before you rent a moving truck, find out how much you have to move. For a general idea of what it will cost to move your household, use the guide most truck rental agencies use, and count the number of bedrooms.

Here's a sample truck-size guide:

  • 26' will move 4+ bedrooms
  • 24' will move 3-4 bedrooms
  • 17' will move 2-3 bedrooms
  • 14' will move 1-2 bedrooms
  • 10' will move a studio or small 1-bedroom apartment

You can also speak with the rental company and provide them with an estimate of the amount of household items you have to move. Make sure you tell them of any large items or specialty items that will require a larger truck and possibly special moving tools.

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