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How to Move Yourself using Moving Containers

All About Portable Storage Containers to Help You Pack and Move


If you want to save money on your move, but aren't too excited about moving yourself, especially driving that big rental truck over a long distance or through a major city, then moving yourself using moving containers might be your best option.

It's a pretty easy and simple idea. Once you've made arrangements with a moving container company, they drop off the size or quantity of containers you'll need to handle the amount of stuff you're moving, leaving them for the time you need to pack and load. The containers tend to be quite large, and in some cases you may need only one. Some companies will drop off a 28-foot trailer, paying only for the space you use.

After the container(s) are dropped off at your home, you load them, lock them up and the company moves them to your new home. Or, if you prefer, into storage. Most container moving companies offer storage options in case you're waiting between moves. The containers are weather-resistant and are usually left on your front lawn or in the drive-way, in a spot that's most convenient for you.

The containers should be secure, with locks in place to ensure they can`t be broken into. Before you sign up for this type of moving service, make sure you ask the company what kind of security mechanism is in place.  You may also want to speak to your household insurance company to see whether they will cover your goods should anything happen.

But overall, it`s a very secure system and personally, I`ve never had a problem with break-ins.

Once your things are moved, the containers are then delivered to your new home, where you unload the containers within a predetermined time. Depending on how much stuff you`ve moved, you`ll need to determine the time required to unload your stuff. Most people only need a day.  Again, talk to the container moving company about their fees and prices for keeping the container longer, if needed.

On the predetermined date and time, the container moving company will pick up the containers and the job is done. Pretty easy.

By doing the loading and packing yourself, you can save money on hourly fees charged by local companies or be given a lower quote than most full-service moving companies. Again, the key is to compare prices, factor in your time and effort involved then decide which moving option is best for you.

Prices are usually based on the number of containers you use - or on the amount of trailer space - and the distance they have to travel. The price of a self-service move is assessed by the number of crates you use and how far you need them to go.

Most companies will include insurance in the price, while others may charge extra. Ask before you hire. Also, if you have valuables, you may want to purchase more. Again, ask the company how much insurance they provide, then decide if you should purchase more. The article, Should You Purchase Moving Insurance, will help you make that decision.

Just like hiring a moving company, make sure you research the companies before you sign a contract. And weigh all your options before you decide how to move; self-service container companies can sometimes be less pricey than moving yourself if you factor in all expenses you'll incur for gas, mileage and peace of mind.

For more information, check out ABF U-pack - a container company that offers a wide range of moving services to fit your particular need.

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