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Move It Yourself

Provides a cost analysis on moving yourself, including tips on renting a truck or moving van, how to get free labor and calculating distances. It includes details on moving awkward and heavy items and describes how to load the truck. It also provides information on moving plants and gives suggestions on alternative ways to move your stuff.
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Tips for Moving Using Your Car
Whether you're moving your household things or traveling to your new home, knowing how to pack and move using your car is essential to ensuring that your move goes well.

Free Videos to Help You Move
Check out these free moving videos to help you through the process of packing, relocating and settling into your new home.

How to Pack More in Your Car When Moving

Safety and Security Tips for When You Move
There are several security and safety issues whenever you move. These range from avoiding injuries to ensuring that your household items are safe from potential theft and even how to choose a safe neighbourhood in which to live.

Free Videos to Help You Move
If you're a visual learner - like me - then you'll find these free video tutorials a great source of instruction to help you pack, relocate and move. And keep checking back as we continue to update and add more videos to this ever-growing list.

Moving Yourself - 5 Tools to Help You Move
There’s nothing worse than to start moving your things onto the rental truck and you realize you’re missing some key tools to make the move easier and safer. Here’s my list of “must haves” if you’re moving yourself.

The Kitchen - How to Move Appliances
How to move appliances, including hooking up and plumbing. Also help for moving smaller appliances. Packing tips. How to pack up the kitchen and move

Guides to Moving Yourself
If you decide not to hire movers and to do the move yourself, check out these guides to help you with every step along the way.

Safety Tips for When You Move
Check out these tips and suggestions for avoiding injuries during your move.

Should I Move it Myself or Hire a Moving Company?
Assists in determining if it's better to hire a moving company or move it yourself. Includes information on how to cost out your move and how to factor in your time.

Readers Review Moving Truck Rental Agencies
Share your experience with renting a moving truck. Tell other readers what you think and whether you'd recommend the truck rental agency.See submissions

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