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Moving Company Fees

Read about estimates, insurance and how to save money before you hire.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Company Fees
When hiring a moving company, there are some things you need to know before you sign your contract, including moving company fees.

Definitions of Moving Company Fees, Charges and Extra Costs
If you've hired movers, it's a good idea to understand mover fees and charges before you sign a contract. Knowing where fees might be charged will help you avoid unnecessary costs. Here, we provide definitions for all possible extra fees that a moving company might charge.

Moving Company Estimates - The Essential Elements of Mover Quotes and…
When asking for moving company estimates, there are three critical questions to ask.

Additional Moving Company Charges - What Do They Mean?
Find out what extra charges might be awaiting you the next time you hire a moving company.

How to Prevent Extra Moving Company Costs
Moving companies will charge extra for certain services, that can all be avoided. Find out how with this quick tip.

Movers and Packing - What Items Should be Wrapped Prior to Pick-up?
If you've hired movers, make sure you don't get charged extra packing fees on moving day. Find out what items should be wrapped prior to moving.

How to Avoid Extra Packing Fees
To avoid extra moving charges on moving day, find out about what needs to be packed before the movers arrive.

Non-Binding Estimates
Explains what a non-binding estimate is and what your rights are and what is required of the moving company.

Binding Estimates
Explains what a binding estimate is and what your rights are and what is required of the moving company.

Should You Purchase Moving Insurance?
Weighs the pros and cons of moving insurance, including costs, various means of protection and how you know if you're covered.

Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Hiring Movers
You can cut moving company fees by following these tips, tricks and reminders.

Movers and Deposits - How Much Should I Pay for a Mover Deposit
Some movers will require a moving deposit. Know when a deposit is necessary and what is a reasonable deposit amount.

How to Save Money When Moving - Tips From Readers
Reader's respond with their frugal tips on how to save money while moving.See submissions

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