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Moving and Packing the Essentials - Checklist of Supplies


Use this list to collect all general household supplies you'll need for the first couple of days in your new home. If you'll be moving to another city or state, and the movers won't be arriving for a week or more, then you should consider packing more than what's suggested below.  Think about everything you use on a daily basis and pack accordingly.

Remember, this is just a guide. Only you know exactly what your family will need while you settle into your new home.

Toilet Paper

When packing toilet paper, plan on packing at least two rolls per bathroom. This will save you needing to go out to buy some while you're settling into your new home.

Dish Soap

To save room and weight in your essentials box, pour some dish soap into a small container or glass jar. Then you can pack the rest of the bottle into one of the kitchen boxes that can be unpacked later.

Dishcloth and towels

To save space, use the dishcloth and towel to wrap and pack fragile items before putting them into your essentials box.

All-purpose cleaner, sponges/rags

Choose a cleaner that will clean most surfaces. If you think you'll need to clean your new home before you move in, you may want to pack a separate cleaning essentials box that would include a broom, mop, bucket and other cleaning supplies. Otherwise, just pack an all-purpose cleaner.

All-purpose kitchen knife

If you have room, you could also include a cutting board, especially if you think you'll be preparing several meals in your new home before unpacking the kitchen


Toaster, coffee maker & other small appliances

You might want to use a separate box to pack all the small appliances you'll need, including the coffee maker, toaster and maybe a microwave, too. Just make sure to label the box clearly and mark it so that you can find it easily among all the other boxes.

Dishes and utensils

Make sure you pack a mug, plate, knife, fork and spoon for each member of the family. Mugs are better than glasses as they can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Wrap glasses and pack plates and utensils well to ensure they arrive at your new home safely.

Pots and/or pans

I usually pack one all-purpose pot - something I can use to boil water or stir-fry vegetables. I don't usually consider pots to be a key essential since the box you used to pack all the pots and pans - if labeled properly - is easy to find and unpack. Only include this essential if your household goods are going to take longer than a few days to reach your new home.

Pet food, dishes and supplies

While you might remember to pack pet food, you might forget to pack pet dishes, leashes, medications and other supplies. And if you happen to brush your pet's teeth, don't forget their toothbrushes!


A good pair of scissors will always come in handy, espeically when you're looking for something to break through the packing tape you used to seal all those well-packed boxes.

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