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Collect Your Moving Receipts for Tax Time


Collect Receipts

Collect Your Receipts

Collect Receipts

  1. The first step is to create a safe place to store all moving-related receipts. You'll be thankful you did come next spring. This could either be a large envelope or a file folder. If using an envelope, purchase an extra heavy-weight catalogue envelope with a clasp closure and choose a bright color that will stand out among your other documents. If you prefer to use a file folder, make sure you purchase one with fasteners so the contents will be secure.

  2. Note purpose of purchase on each receipt and mark the date and who purchased the item. Retracing your steps six months after your move will be difficult and time-consuming. If you want to take it one step further, purchase a receipt record book, which will also keep track of your mileage. Receipt and mileage log books can be found at most office supply stores.

  3. Photocopy all your receipts just in case your records are lost during the move. Even though you're going to take every precaution to ensure you have everything in order, you never know when the dog might just decide that that yellow envelope looks pretty tasty. Keep the photocopies in a separate envelope or folder, in a different place than the originals.

  4. Now that you have all your receipts in one envelope or file, keep this folder in a place that's easily accessible. If you have other records that you're moving, put your tax receipts with the records to ensure that the movers do not transport them. You will need these records when you arrive, so make sure they accompany you.

Nondeductible Expenses

When you're collecting, filing and recording your receipts, keep in mind that the following are not considered deductible from your income taxes, as stated by the IRS in Publication 521 (2004 tax year):

  • Any part of the purchase price of your home

  • Car tags

  • Driver's license

  • Expenses of buying or selling a home

  • Expenses of getting or breaking a lease

  • Home improvements to help sell your home

  • Loss on the sale of your home

  • Losses from disposing of membership in clubs

  • Meal Expenses

  • Mortgage penalties

  • Pre-move househunting expenses

  • Real estate taxes

  • Re-fitting of carpets and draperies

  • Security deposits (including any given up due to the move

  • Storage charges except those incurred in transit and for foreign moves

  • Temporary living expenses
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