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Move to the Cheapest Places to Live

Most Affordable Towns and Cities in the U.S.


Move to where the experts have named the most affordable places to live in the U.S. Find cheap housing and be amazed at how far your dollar can stretch in these desirable places to live.

1. Move to These Cheapest Places

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Where are the best places to move to if your goal is to live inexpensively and find the most affordable housing? The researchers at CNN Money have done a fair deal of legwork to ascertain this. So now all you have to do is take a look at all their hard work, and choose from these top 5 places to find your most affordable place to move to next. Come see where in the U.S. they've declared The Best Places to Live Cheaply.

2. Move to Where You'll Find Economic Security

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Where are the most affordable places to live in the U.S.? One of the ways to measure this is by looking at what you can afford given your level of income. The true cost of living must take into account the purchasing power of your dollar and your income level as well. Take a look at how you can measure your level of income with the Economic Security Database, and find The Cheapest Place to Live.

3. Move to these Best Places and Find Affordable Housing

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Finding the best place to live takes some digging around. Of course deciding what's best is ultimately a different-strokes-for-different-folks conundrum. That is why we have here a list of best places according to criteria. Find affordable housing in the best place for jobs, best place for singles, best place to live cheaply, best place to invest in property etc. So you can zero in on exactly what appeals to you, and then check out some of the housing options available.

4. Find Affordable Housing in Lake Jackson, Cheapest Place to Live

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Looking for a place where your dollar will go the furthest? Well, the experts at CNN Money recently named Lake Jackson in Texas one of the best places to move to for cheap housing and affordable living. There is much going for this little town of around 28,000 (2006). Check it out and see the Affordable Housing Available in Lake Jackson.

5. More of Your Best Places to Live Cheaply

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Where are the best cities to move to if your goal is to live inexpensively? Well, the experts from Forbes have done a fair deal of research to ascertain this. They looked at housing costs, costs of living, average income, to arrive at the cheapest cities. But they also determined if the city is worth living in despite the low costs by checking out crime rates and quality of schools. Come see where in the U.S. they've declared The Best Places to Live Cheaply.

6. Move to The Best Place to Live Cheaply and Find Affordable Housing

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Sandusky, Ohio was named the best place to live cheaply in the U.S. by Forbes. Looking at factors that include cost of living and average income, they arrived at their conclusion. Another important factor that they based their findings on was affordable housing. Sandusky stands out in that there is an ample supply of decent homes in the city for sale at relatively inexpensive prices. Come take a look. You may be quite surprised when you see these Affordable Homes in Sandusky, Ohio.

7. Where to Move to for Economic Security for Seniors

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If you're a senior retiring or one who's already retired, and you are looking for a change of scene, then you'll want to check this out. Here is a handy tool for finding the most affordable city to retire in. The Elder Index allows you to measure what it'll cost you to live in just about any place in the U.S. You can use it to establish if your current level of income will allow you to live comfortably in the retirement place of your choice. Find the Most Affordable Place to Retire.
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