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Costs and Money

Moving is expensive; find out how much your move will cost and discover ways to save and make money during your move.

Essential Guide to Create a Budget for Your Move
This guide will take you through the steps to create your own moving budget, providing all the information you need to determine exactly how much you'll be spending to move from your old house to your new home.

How to Save Money On Your Next Move
Everything you need to know about how to save money when moving. Cheap was to save money on movers, hiring the right moving company, moving it yourself, and creating a moving budget.

All About Moving In Costs
Whenever you move, often we only think about budgeting for the move itself: purchasing packing supplies, paying the moving company, and any other fees that arise from moving out of our home. But we also have to consider what it costs to move into a home - these are often costs that we hadn't considered and costs that can be quite substantial. So, to determine exactly how much it will cost for your entire move, find out what costs you might incur when moving into your new home.

Where to Move to for Economic Security for Seniors
Find the cheapest place for seniors to live in U.S. using the economic security database. Use the database to measure the level of income you need to achieve economic security. Compare cities across the U.S.

Move to the Cheapest Places to Live
Information on the best places to live cheaply. Most affordable cities and towns to move to in the U.S. Examples of the cheapest, most affordable housing available now.

Making a Move to Buy A Home - When is it Better to Wait?
Home buying is obviously a big decision. When you move, should you first purchase a home? Find out more about buying a home now, or putting away cash to buy later.

Move to These Cheapest Places
Find out which are the cities where your dollar goes the furthest in the U.S. These are the best places to move to and buy homes, according to CNN Money. Most affordable homes in the country

Save Money When You Move
Tips on how how to save money when you move, with frugal moving suggestions.

Movers and Packing - What Items Should be Wrapped Prior to Pick-up?
If you've hired movers, make sure you don't get charged extra packing fees on moving day. Find out what items should be wrapped prior to moving.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Company Fees
When hiring a moving company, there are some things you need to know before you sign your contract, including moving company fees.

Claiming Moving Expenses on Your Tax Return
Outline of the 2012 new law regarding claiming of moving expenses when relocating for work purposes.

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Household Move
Find out how to save money during your move. Includes creating a moving budget, saving money on moving company fees and knowing where your money is going.

Moving Company Estimates - The Essential Elements of Mover Quotes and…
When asking for moving company estimates, there are three critical questions to ask.

How to Budget for the Costs of the Moving Trip
When moving to another state, across the country or to a new country, you need to factor in the costs of travel as part of your moving budget.

How to Write-off Your Move
As we all know, moving is expensive. As such, it's a good idea to always keep your moving receipts just in case you can write-off part, or all of, your move.

Moving - How to File a Moving Insurance Claim
Find out how to put in an insurance claim after you move.

State Tax - How much will I have to pay if I move to another state?
Moving to another state means that you may be paying a higher rate of taxes, whether it's personal or sales tax. Find out before you move how taxes in another state may affect you.

How to Avoid Extra Packing Fees
To avoid extra moving charges on moving day, find out about what needs to be packed before the movers arrive.

Collect Your Moving Receipts
Discusses how to collect and record moving receipts.

5 Ways of Preventing Money Loss When You Move
When moving, there are many ways that your money can literally leek from your pocket. Find out how to avoid these leaks with this guide to moving and money.

Can You Deduct Your Moving Expenses?
Outlines information provided by the IRS Publication 521 on who can deduct moving expenses. It simplies the three key factors, including the time and distance test.

What Expenses Can You Deduct?
Outlines what expenses you can deduct on your tax return, including moving expenses, travel expenses and lodging expenses.

A 411 Service That's Free!
When you're between places or have just landed at your new home, how do you find out who to call to install the cable or where the closest pizza palor is? Find out how to dial into a free service that will provide you with all the answers.

Save Money by Budgeting the Financial Cost of Moving
Moving is expensive, but the best way to save money is to create a moving budget. And we show you how.

Moving: What's the Real Cost After Your Move?
Outlines additonal costs when settling into a new home. Includes information on restocking the house, hidden fees in setting up utilities and registering your car.

Moving into Your First Home: Preparing Your Finances
Moving into your first home? Check out these tips on how to prepare for your move financially, including creating a budget and how much you'll need.

How to Set-up a Moving Budget
Outlines how to create a moving budget, with step by step instructions.

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