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How to Find an International Job Before You Move

Working Overseas


Moving, working and living overseas is the best way to experience a country, and by far, the most fun you'll ever have. Getting to a point where you're ready to move requires a lot of additional research, time and patience, and the best place to start is with finding a job. Here are my tips and suggestions for securing an international employment opportunity:

Ask for a Transfer

I've worked a few times in international jobs and by far the easiest way to secure a position overseas is to ask your company for a transfer. Now while this is not always feasible, depending on the scope of your company and whether you're the right fit, it's a good way to get started in seeking an overseas position. Sometimes the company you directly work for is not in a position to offer you something further afield, but perhaps the parent company does have opportunities that you could further explore.

If you're not in a hurry to move overseas, you might consider looking at competitors to see which companies have offices in other countries and if they're currently hiring. Competitors are a great resource when seeking future employment, especially if you've created a name for yourself in your particular area of interest.

Is Telecommuting an Option?

If you spend most of your time working on a computer or on the telephone, your company might allow you to telecommute. Of course, this also means that you may need to work off-hours, depending on the time difference and also that you have certain infrastructure in place at home: video conferencing, instant messaging, a high-speed connection, etc.

In our last move, my husband handed in his resignation and to his surprise his employer instantly offered him a telecommuting option; even though we're now living in a different time zone, my husband happily spends his days at home. As part of this arrangement, he'll have to fly back to the main office from time-to-time, but since he's now contracted, this is easily written-off his business taxes.

Seek a Professional Employment Service

Another good source for finding overseas employment is to send your CV to a professional employment service, one that considers international candidates. Many of the larger companies have offices across the globe and are knowledgable about visas and other work-related documents. Look for head-hunters in your specific field, whether in IT or engineering or sales and let them know where you're interested in moving to and why.

Look for Positions via the Internet

There are so many recruiters who post to online employment sites such as Monster.com. One of the best resources on the net is our very own About Guide to Job Searching. Here, you'll find search sites, resume tips and information on international opportunities.

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