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Move to these Best Places and Find Affordable Housing

Check Out the Real Estate in these Best Places to Live


All in one place - the best cities to move to in the U.S. and affordable housing as well. Come take a peek at this list.

1. Find Affordable Housing in Dallas - Top 5 City For Jobs

Dallas is a top 5 big city for jobs. So if you're looking to land a good job in an exciting city, then you ought to check out the housing in this city. You'll be surprised by what your dollar can get you, even in locations within easy traveling distance to downtown Dallas. Come see one of the best big cities for jobs in the U.S. and Find Affordable Housing in Dallas.

2. Move to The Best Place to Live Cheaply and Find Affordable Housing

For Sale by Owner sign on lawn
Sandusky, Ohio was named the best place to live cheaply in the U.S. by Forbes. Looking at factors that include cost of living and average income, they arrived at their conclusion. Another important factor that they based their findings on was affordable housing. Sandusky stands out in that there is an ample supply of decent homes in the city for sale at relatively inexpensive prices. Come take a look. You may be quite surprised when you see these Affordable Homes in Sandusky, Ohio.

3. Move to New York, Best Place to Live for Singles

map of U.S. east coast with pin on New York
New York is perhaps as exciting as it gets when it comes to a happening big city. It is easy to imagine why it would be declared the top spot for singles to move to. There is activity galore in this city that never sleeps. Well, in a city that is so well-known for its desirability and rocket high real estate prices, how would a single manage to break into the housing market? It may take some digging around but it is possible to Find Affordable Housing in New York! - The Best Place to Move to For Singles.

4. Find Affordable Housing in Austin, Best Big City For Jobs

man covered in paperwork, literally
Looking to move to a big city where housing is affordable, and where there are many good jobs that will easily cover that mortgage? Well, you could do much worse than Austin, Texas. It's not the water in Texas, so it must be the oil, but cities across the Lone Star State rank high on Forbes's list of best cities for jobs in the U.S. And of the big hitters, Austin ranked number one among large cities for employment. Find out why and take a look at Affordable Housing in Austin, Texas.

5. Can You Afford to Own a Home in San Diego?

house for sale sign in window of townhouse
San Diego is not only an exciting place to live in, but it also has other charms. People move there for the warm weather, but did you know that it also ranks among the top ten safest large cities in the U.S.? You would think that with all these credentials, this second largest city in California would have housing prices well out of reach for the average homebuyer. Not so. Come check out these properties and see for yourself that it is possible to Move to San Diego and Find Affordable Housing.

6. Moving? - Cheap Housing in Louisville, Colorado

Graphic House for Sale Sign
Louisville, Colorado has been named by CNN Money in 2011 as the best small town to live in. What does this place have going for it, you might ask? Low crime rate and good employment opportunities are two of the attractive reasons. Affordable housing is a big incentive. Come find out why else Louisville ranks number one, and Find Affordable Housing in Louisville.

7. Move to the Boston Area and Find Cheap Housing

Aerial view of a small town
Milton, Massachusetts, has been listed by CNN Money in 2011 as the second most desirable small town to move to in the United States. A charming town in its own right, Milton offers the added benefit of being just 12 miles from Boston. Come see why this is such a highly-rated location and check out Some of the More Affordable Housing in the Boston Area.

8. Buy a Home in Atlanta - Best Place to Invest in Property

Row Houses
Looking to take advantage of the real estate crash? The slump is showing no signs of recovery. Atlanta has been named in a recent study as the best place to buy property due to the real estate bubble burst. Atlanta's pre-crash new-home building frenzy has resulted in a current excess of supply of homes. Prices are still at a low. It may surprise you just what sort of home your money can get you in this city. Take a look for yourself at some of these Affordable Homes in Atlanta.

9. Move to San Francisco and Find Affordable Housing

Golden Gate Bridge
Buy a house in San Francisco? That's impossible, right? The prices are way too high. Well, take a closer look. If you do your research, the odd good buy just might turn up.

10. Cheap Housing in Des Moines, Best Place for Professionals

Family Moving
So what are the criteria for declaring a city the best place in all of the U.S. to move to for young professionals? Affordable housing must be high on the list. Des Moines has loads going for it in terms of cost of living, and job opportunity, but cheap housing would definitely add to the list of desirables for this capital city of Iowa. Take a look at some of the reasons Forbes has named this city The Best Place to Live in for Young Professionals, and look at what real estate costs there.
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