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A Guide to Packing and Moving Out


Everything you need to know about deciding how to move, budgeting your move and packing guides. In addition, this guide provides detailed information on how to help your family move, from small children, to pets, and seniors.
  1. Hire a Moving Company
  2. Move It Yourself
  3. Packing Guides and Tips
  1. Moving Your Family
  2. Moving and Seniors
  3. Moving With Pets

Hire a Moving Company

Professional Movers

Need to hire movers? Find out everything you need to know, including costs, interview questions, setting up appointments and insurance facts. Also discover contracts, and what you should ask before signing.

Move It Yourself

Moving Yourself

If you need to know whether you should move yourself or hire movers, check out this guide which includes a cost analysis, tips on renting a truck or moving van, how to get free labor and calculating distances. It also includes details on moving awkward and how to load the truck.

Packing Guides and Tips

Packing Boxes

Find out how to organize your move, delegate tasks, and decide what to take and what to leave. Also included are how-to pack guides, information on preparing your home and ideas on how to pack for your last and first night and what you'll need on the road.

Moving Your Family


Find out how to help your family move, from breaking the news, to assisting family members, to resources and tips to assist everyone in your household adjust to this change.

Moving and Seniors


Find out how to help a senior family member or friend move with tips, suggestions and resources for coping with this change, planning and preparing, and where to move to.

Moving With Pets

Dog in Car

Find useful information on how to move pets both locally and internationally. Includes details on what you need to do to ensure they arrive safely and how to help them settle into their new home.

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