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How to Hire Good Movers

Tips on Researching, Interviewing and Hiring Moving Companies


Hiring good movers can be difficult. There are so many to choose from with many offering incentives and discounts. So, how do you know which company to hire? Find out with these tips and suggestions.

1. Should You Hire Movers or Move it Yourself

Deciding whether or not to hire moving companies is a question that plagues all people on the move. And like most decisions, the answer is different for everyone depending on numerous factors such as time, money, difficulty and complexity of the move. If you're moving across town, a self-move may make more sense than if you're moving across the country. Still, to ensure you're making the best decision, it's a good idea to weigh all options.

2. Research Movers Before You Hire

This is really the first place to start. Research will help you narrow down your choices and enable you to have a firm list from which to choose. And now a lot of your research can happen online.

3. Questions to Ask the Mover Before You Hire

Before you even have the moving companies do a walk-through of your home, ask these questions while you have the movers on the phone. This is your chance to interview the moving company to see if they are going to meet your needs.

4. All About Quotes or Estimates

With your research completed, you now have a list of at least five moving companies that you feel confident will provide you with good service. The next step is to ask all the moving companies for moving quotes before making a final decision.

5. Signs of a Rogue Mover

All moving companies are not created equal. I found this out the when moving from a rural community, where there were a lack of cross-country movers, to the opposite side of the continent. It cost me a lot of money and a great deal of heartache and determination. And in the end, if I had not been persistent, I would have lost all my possessions to a rogue moving company.

6. How to Hire Interstate Movers

When relocating and hiring a moving company to take you across the country, keep these do's and don't's in mind. Something as simple as having a pen and paper ready to check off items as they're unloaded from the truck will save you a lot of time and aggravation later on.

7. How to Hire Intrastate Movers

There are some do's and don't's that you should keep in mind when hiring a moving company to ship your household goods within the state. These tips will help protect you from fraudulent or rogue movers.

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