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Top 4 Websites to Lodge a Complaint About a Mover


Top 4 Websites to Lodge a Complaint About a Mover

Here are some great sites where you can find if any complaints have been lodged against the moving company you're researching. Most of these sites are independent and consumer driven. Keep this mind while you're surfing for rogue movers and don't be afraid to lodge your own complaint to help others just like you.

  • The Better Business Bureau as I've mentioned in other articles, is a great resource for obtaining a report on a company. If the company is a member, then more information is usually available. With details on the number of complaints issued and the number that were resolved, it's a good place to start your search for a goof mover and an even better place to lodge a formal complaint. The BBB also provides a ranking for its members. Like a school grade it offers it's overall opinion based on a variety of factors.  Just keep in mind, that while the BBB does offer some sound advice, you should never take the information at face-value. Always do a thorough check on a mover before you hire, including your own research

  • MovingScam.com is the best site out there for reporting moving companies who have provided lousy service. MovingScam's massive blacklist grows and is updated regularly. When you've narrowed down your search to a few companies, go to this website to see if your moving company is on the list. And they don't just list the companies, they provide links to who complained so you can read it for yourself. A fantastic moving resource site that I highly recommend.

  • The Squeaky Wheel is a site devoted to consumer complaints. Claiming that over 40 million Internet users access their information, they offer a wide customer database. It's a great site to view complaints as most people provide the nitty-gritty details of what happened and why they're issuing the complaint. Highly recommended.

  • The Rip-Off Report is an online service very much like SqueakyWheel. With a sophisticated search tool where you can search by topic or by subject offered from a pull-down menu, it's easy to find the company you're researching. With consumer submitted complaints, you get the details right from the complainant. They also feature a "Rebuttal Box" where the company, an employee or ex-employee can offer a rebuttal. Makes for some great bed-time reading!
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