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High Value Inventory Sheet


Definition: If you've hired movers instead of moving yourself, and you have household goods that are considered valuable, then the movers will ask you to complete a high value inventory sheet. Items such as original artwork, fine crystal, antiques, etc... are all considered "high value". See the description for high value in the glossary listing.

The purpose of filling out this inventory sheet is to provide the movers with a detailed list of all valuable goods to ensure that they arrive safely at your new home. The mover will want to verify that the items are properly packed and well-marked (boxes should indicate "fragile" or "handle with care"). If a mover isn't satisfied that the item is properly packed, they may refuse to move the item or ask that it be repacked.

You'll fill out the sheet before the items are moved, then they are rechecked upon arrival, after which you'll sign the sheet indicating that the goods were moved without damage.

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