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Glossary of Moving Terms

Extensive list of moving terms you should know, including terms referred to in your moving contract, rental agreements and packing supplies.

Accessorial Charges
Extra charges for services such as packing, unpacking, and extra pick-ups.

Advanced Charges
Charges for services provided by a professional other than the mover.

A local moving company authorized to act on behalf of a larger, national company.

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap
Bubble cushioning wrap used for packing delicate or fragile items.

Appliance Service
The cost incurred in preparing major appliances for safe transportation.

Appraisal Fee
Find out what an appraisal fee is and whether or not you need to hire this type of service.

Assessed Value
The amount of much money you pay per $1000 of assessed value to cover your household items to their fully assessed value.

Auxillary Service
moving term definition

Bill of Lading
The contract between the mover and you for the transportation of your household or business goods.

Bill of Lading Number
When hiring movers, you'll be given a bill of lading number - find out what it is and why you'll need it.

Binding/Non-Binding Estimate
A flat rate is quoted for the given inventory. The mover quotes a flat price no matter how long the job takes.

Booking Agent/Writing Agent
Moving definition.

The moving company you are working with.

Carrier Packed
Moving term definition.

Carrier's Liability
Moving definition.

Moving term definition.

Moving term definition.

Cost of Move
The amount the move will cost without including the extra charges and insurance. Cost of move estimations are calculated based on information gathered at the estimate/sign-up interview.

Customs Clearance

Moving term definition.

Declared Value

Declared Value Protection
A moving term that describes insurance coverage.

What's a Delivery Window
If you're hiring movers, find out what a delivery window is and why you need to negotiate it.

Destination Agent
Moving term defintion.

What Kind of Documents or Contracts will the Movers Provide?
A quick list and explanation of mover contracts and documentation.

Elevator Carry
Moving term definition.

Expedited Service
This applies when you pay a higher minimum rate in exchange for the mover transferring your household or business goods on a specified date.

When is the final walkthrough of the home performed, and who should be present?
When is the final walkthrough performed and by whom? Does the seller have to be there, or just the buyer? Information on the final walkthrough of the house before moving out.

Flight Charge
An extra charge for carrying items up or down flights of stairs either at the place of origin or at the destination.

Freight Service
A low-cost moving service where the mover delivers your things at the door step of the address you specify.

Fuel Charges
Definition of fuel charges.

Full Replacement Value Coverage
The amount of money per $1,000 of item value you will need to pay to protect your household goods for their full replacement value.

Full Service Move
The most common type of move, with the carrier moving your household items from your old address to your new address.

Peak Season
What does it mean to move during peak season? Find out.

High Value
Describes what high value means.

High Value Inventory Sheet
Describes the purpose of a high value inventory sheet.

What is an Independent Mover?
Find out what an independent mover is and if they're right for your move.

International Drivers Permit
Describes what an IDP is and when you need one.

International Moves
Moving term definition.

Interstate Move
Moving term definition.

Intrastate Move
Moving term definition.

Linehaul Charges
Basic charges for long distance moves, calculated by mileage and weight of your shipment.

Long Carry
An additional charge when the mover has to carry goods from the truck or van to your residence.

Mobile Container
Large storage containers that are delivered to your home.

Moving Brokers
What are moving brokers? Should you use moving brokers to help you move? Find out more.

Moving Kit
Contains all the essentials needed to pack an entire house or apartment.

What is the Final Walkthrough of the Home?
What is the final walkthrough and when is it performed? Does the seller have to be there, or just the buyer? Information on the final walkthrough of the house before moving out.

Operating Authority
The certification issued by a state or federal governmental department authorizing a mover or carrier to move household goods between designated geographical areas.

Order for Service
Definition and use of moving term.

Packing Kit
Contains all the essential supplies needed to pack a particular room in your home.

Pickup and Delivery Charges
Definition of extra moving charges.

Moving term definition.

Sealing Tape
Heavy-duty tape usually constructed with a polypropylene backing and rubber resin adhesive.

Short Haul
Moving term definition.

Shuttle Service
Refers smaller vehicle haul goods location not accessible large trailers

Standard Coverage
By law moving companies must provide a minimum amount of free coverage, and refers to the amount of money you will receive per pound of damaged goods.

Storage Extension Coverage

Storage-in-Transit (SIT)
Refers to temporary storage of your items pending further transportation.

Moving Term - Tariff
When hiring movers, you need to know what a tariff is and what it should contain.

Third Party Charges
Definition of third party charges.

Total Loss

Transit Insurance
Definition of transit insurance.

Transit Time
Definition of transit time.

USDOT Number
Moving glossary term that describes a government registration program for movers.

Valuation Charge
When hiring movers, you should know about valuation charges. Find out more.

Van Lines
Need to hire a mover? Find out what it means to hire a van line.

Warehouse Handling
An additional charge applicable each time storage-in-transit service is provided.

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