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Top 5 Most Haunted Cities in America

Ghosts Abound in these Most Haunted Cities


While most of us don’t necessarily want to move to the most haunted city in America, it’s fun to find out where ghosts can be found, especially as Halloween draws nearer. So, just for fun and to give everyone in the middle of a move a fun break, we’re checking out the most haunted cities in America. Take a peek. If you dare.

Let’s start with a site that provides quite a few top 10 city lists, including top cities for pets and the top active cities, also put together a top 5 list of the most haunted places in America: Livability.com.

  1. Savannah, Georgia: According to Livability.com, Savannah is the most haunted city, primarily due to its Gothic architecture and historical legacy. There are a few famous buildings that are said to be the site of several hauntings, one of which is a well-known hotel, 17Hundred90 Inn where the ghost of a scorned lover walks the halls. There’s also the Hampton Lillibridge house, the site of several exorcisms, which appear to have not worked in ridding this building of its famous ghosts. If you plan to visit Savannah, make sure you sign up for one of the many ghost walk tours for a full introduction to why this city is often considered the most haunted city in the US.
  2. San Antonio, Texas: I didn’t expect San Antonio to make the list, but considering it’s bloody history – the site of the Alamo – I shouldn’t be that surprised. And according to Livability, San Antonio has several haunted sites, including The Menger Hotel, where, according to the hotel’s website, there are at least 32 different apparitions all vying for attention. Take a ghost tour to find out more.
  3. St. Augustine, Florida: Another surprise, at least for me. But some people say the St. Augustine Lighthouse is the reason why this city makes the list. The St. Augustine Lighthouse is supposedly haunted by one of its keepers, a keeper’s wife and three little girls who died while the lighthouse was being built. The official website claims some of these tales are just that – tales; however, it’s still a place that draws visitors, television shows and ghost hunters on a daily basis.
  4. San Jose, California: When I think of San Jose, I think more about being haunted by the overwhelming number of software giants and ghosts of software companies that disappeared during the Dot.Bomb. But Livability does have a point and that point is The Winchester House. I’ve been to the Winchester House several times, always at Halloween and always with just a flashlight between us and the spirits that haunt the house. Supposedly, Mrs. Winchester was motivated to continue building onto the house for almost 38 years in order to appease the ghosts that haunted her. Whatever the reason, the house is extremely strange with its stairs that lead to nowhere, its doors that often lead to a brick wall and strangely built rooms that can only be described as creepy. If you go, try to take one of their flashlight tours, which are usually scheduled for Friday the 13th and Halloween. It’s not to be missed.
  5. Louisville, Kentucky: There’s something about old hospitals and sanatoriums that rate high on the creep-factor. Maybe because many have long since been abandoned and they were often places where residents endured a lot of pain and suffering, before finally succumbing to their disease. Well, Louisville has the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which according to the official website, is the scariest place on earth. I don’t know about that, but its history is rich and its ghosts, many. I mean, how many places can boast of having a body chute? So if you find yourself in the Louisville area, check out the sanatorium; the Waverly Hills Sanatorium Historical Society is currently offering some interesting tours, ranging for a two hour ghost walk to a full night paranormal investigation. All monies go to the society for the restoration of this historical building, begging the question: Can you handle a night in one of America’s most haunted hospitals? I don’t think I could...

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