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Best Cities for Singles

Best Place to Live for Singles


Forbes' Top 3 Places to Live for Singles

  1. New York City

    New York, New York. Love it or hate it, this city refuses to be ignored. It may be busy, gritty, and not everyone's cup of tea, but you must admit, New York is brimming with excitement. And this is especially true for singles. The population in this city of over 8 million is full of hip, career-oriented singles (think "Sex and the City"). So if this Big Apple is the apple of your eye, you can do worse than live here if you're a single. You'll be in good company, that's for certain.

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  2. Boston

    Besides being the home of the Red Sox, Boston is also full of colleges. In fact the Boston area boasts 52 institutions of higher education. You can bet there are one or two singles running around. The city is also very conducive to the dating scene, with its many cultural events and ecletic restaurants/eateries. Opportunities abound for singles looking to meet up with someone. AND Boston has just started a bike share program, a great way to stay fit and help the environment while getting around this beautiful city.

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  3. Chicago

    The third largest metro in the country after New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is home to almost 3 million inhabitants, with about a third of its population base being single. And with a significantly lower cost of living than that of New York, this is a good bet for anyone seeking a cool place to be. And of course, culturally speaking, there's a lot to see and do in this hip and happening town.

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