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If you're single, choosing the best place to live often means prioritizing differently than families, even though there are some things that everyone has in common, such as cost of living and career growth.

If you're unsure of what your priorities might be, check out the article on how to find your best place to live to determine what's most important to you.

What Do Singles Look For in Choosing the Best Place to Live?

According to Forbes, the ultimate in scoring cities on liveability, singles look at the following factors in choosing their best place to live:

  • Singles: They also included in their ranking, the percentage of people over 15 who has never been married. They also gave this category double weight since it is probably the most important factor in determining the best place to live for singles.
  • Culture: Forbes looked at the number of cultural events and places per capita. Included in their list were the number of live theaters, concert venues, sport teams, and museums. They also included in this category the number of colleges and universities, which would definitely add flavor to a city with their own brand of theater, film and art exhibits.
  • Coolness: Coolness factor definitely needs to be included. While this is a difficult concept to truly define since it means different things to different people, a polling company conducted a survey of adults from across the U.S. and asked them which cities do they think are the coolest? This data was used to define a city's level of "coolness".
  • Online Dating: The number of online dating forums and companies were determined by the number of the number of active profiles for each city as listed on dating site Yahoo! Personals.
  • Nightlife: For nightlife, Forbes included the number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs per capita.
  • Cost Of Living Alone: This is always an issue when moving to another city; can you afford the price of an apartment? To determine the cost of living alone, Forbes averaged out the cost of rent, pizza, the price of a movie ticket and the cost of beer. What they also took into consideration was salary, based on an entry level position.
  • Job Growth: Forbes included job growth for each metropolitan area over the next five years.

And now... (drum roll) the top 3 cities in the U.S. for singles to live in are...

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