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All About Moving and Jobs

Find Everything You Need to Know About Moving and Employement


If you're moving because of a job transfer or maybe you were offered a new job in another city and now you need to decide if you should accept it, you should ensure you have all the information needed to make the right decision. With information on how to negotiate a contract, obtain a visa or work permit, and even how to move without a job, you'll find all the information you need right here.

1. Moving Because of Your Job? How to Negotiate Moving Costs with Your Employer

If you're moving because of a job transfer, in particular if you've been asked to move to another city, another state or possibly to another country, remember that you're in a position to negotiate your relocation agreement. The following list contains suggestions of what the company may be responsible for and what you could ask for should you be forced to move because of your job.

2. How to Negotiate a Job Contract Before You Move

If you're moving because you've been offered a job, whether in another city, state or overseas, make sure you negotiate the contract before you sign. Salary, benefits, moving costs and any work permits should all be part of the negotiation. Check out these tips and suggestions in order to get the best contract possible.

3. How to Find an International Job Before You Move

Moving, working and living overseas is the best way to experience a country, and by far the most fun you'll ever have. Getting to a point where you're ready to move requires a lot of additional research, time and patience. The best place to start is with finding a job or a contract overseas. Here are my tips and suggestions for securing an international employment opportunity that's right for you.

4. All About Visas and Work Permits

If you're thinking of applying to a job overseas or have been offered a new position and are responsible for obtaining your own visa or work permit, then a good place to start is with this guide. Find out where and how to look for that international opportunity before you move, then when you do secure the right job, make sure you know how to negotiate the employment contract and what to do to obtain the necessary visa or work permit. It's all right here.

5. Can I Move Without a Job?

In the current economic climate, a lot of readers have asked me whether it's a smart idea to move when neither you or your spouse or partner have guaranteed employment. This is always a tough question to answer as there are so many other factors that should weigh into your decision, including how much capital you have to sustain your family while you search for employment.

It can certainly be easier to find a job in your new community after you move, since many employers often prefer to hire locals; however, there are some questions you need to ask yourself first to see if you're ready for this kind of move.

6. Best Places to Move to in 2012 for Jobs

Rio Grande, Texas

Looking to move to the best places in the U.S. for jobs? Well, here are some really good choices for 2012. The experts have studied the places and their respective job markets and have declared these to be the choicest places in the country to move to if you're looking to secure a good job. Find out which cities make the list to see whether they're right for you and your family.

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