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Outlines tasks to do within a timeline, beginning at 8 weeks then counting down to the final moving day. It includes when to: get estimates on movers, choose a mover, pack which items, do an inventory checklist and have a garage sale, notify utility companies, schools, post office, banks, babysitters and book travel arrangements.
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8 Weeks Before Your Move
What needs to be done eight weeks before your move, inlcuding taking photos of valuables, contacting your insurance agent, collecting records and booking estimate interviews with potential movers.
6 Weeks Before Your Move
Describes what to do 6 weeks before you move, including filling out change-of-address forms, cleaning out closets and disposing of things you no longer need.
4 Weeks Before You Move
Outlines tasks to do 4 weeks before you move, including making travel plans, reserving your moving truck and start to dismantle any outdoor furniture.
2 Weeks Before You Move
Moving day is fast approaching, so check this list of things you need to do to prepare. Includes arranging pet travel, disposing of household hazards and arranging child care.
1 Week Before You Move
Only 1 week remaining. You have just enough time to call to confirm the movers, take apart furniture, pay all outstanding bills and purchased travelers' checks if needed.
2 Days Before You Move
Outlines last minute tasks to do 1 to 2 days before your big move. Includes dissembling furniture, closing bank accounts, checking for parking and defrosting your refrigerator.
It's Moving Day!
Provides information on those last minute tasks, including what to expect on moving day and how to keep your sanity.

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