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Settling Into Your New Home


Find out what to expect your first night in your new home and how to find a job in an unknown place. You'll also discover great tips on getting to know your neighborhood, helping your child adjust and information on income tax deductions.
  1. Settling In and Moving Day Tips
  2. Unpacking Guides
  3. Moving in and Your Money
  4. Helping Your Family Adjust
  5. Make Your New Home Your Own

Settling In and Moving Day Tips

Moving In

Find out what you can expect when you move into your new home. Includes resources on setting up your new home and how to survive the first few nights before you've unpacked all those boxes.

Unpacking Guides

Tips on how to unpack so that you're not living out of boxes. These guides include how to clean, organize and plan the unpacking process. Also provides tips on keeping sane during the process!

Moving in and Your Money

Find out all you need to know about money matters that affect you after you move, inlcuding what expenses you can deduct on your tax return and how to go about claiming them.

Helping Your Family Adjust

Child in a Classroom

Find great articles on how to help your entire family adjust to their new home, from family games to tips on adjusting your pet.

Make Your New Home Your Own

Couple Painting

Tips and step by step guides to making your new space just right for you; everything from painting to decorating to fixing the kitchen tap - it's all right here.

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