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Moving In - Know Your Contact Emergency Numbers


One of the first things I do when moving into a new neighborhood or city is to record the emergency numbers and post them on our fridge or next to the main phone. To locate the phone numbers you can either check the Internet, or ask your phone company to deliver a phone book when they set up your service.

Know Your Emergency Contacts

  1. Police, Fire and Ambulance services, including the non-emergency numbers. The non-emergency numbers are important in case you need to report suspicious activity, to get a home inspection or to call when unsure if the situation warrants the usual 911 number.
  2. Closest Hospital Number and Address - Keep this number and address handy, just in case you need to get to the emergency or need to call the hospital for assistance. It's also a good idea to do a test drive to the hospital emergency, so you're not caught trying to find your way when you need to get there fast.
  3. Poison Control Center - If you have small children, this number should be one of the first numbers you post. I've even called once for my husband whose medication seemed to have caused a slight reaction.
  4. Pharmacy - Your pharmacist is a great resource for any kind of medication question or for help with a sick child or to find a solution to small medical questions that don't require a trip to the doctor's office.
  5. Doctor or Medical Clinic - Post both your regular doctor, any specialists and also the closest drop-in clinic just in case your family physician isn't available. Also, if you do have a 24-hour clinic in town, post the address and number as well. Sometimes a clinic can have smaller waiting times than an emergency room, that is if the situation doesn't require emergency services.
  6. School - Keep your child's school contact information posted for easy access to report illness or to make appointments.
  7. Veterinarian - Keep both your regular veterinarian number posted as well as the local 24-hour emergency clinic. Know where the emergency clinic is and how to get there quickly.
  8. Taxi Service - While you may not need to use a taxi very often, it's surprising the number of times it may be required. Keep a number posted just in case.

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