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Moving In

Provides information on what to expect your first night and how to find a job in an unknown place. It gives tips on getting to know your neighborhood, helping your child adjust and tips on income tax deductions.
  1. Moving In Costs (6)
  2. Settling In Tips (12)
  3. Things You Need to Do (9)
  4. Turn Your House Into a Home (11)
  5. Unpacking Tips (14)

Moving In and Unpacking Tips
Tips and suggestions to help you unpack without fuss and worry. Follow these suggestions and in no time, you'll be moved in to your new home and ready to explore the neighborhood.

It's Moving Day!
Provides information on those last minute tasks, including what to expect on moving day and how to keep your sanity.

Things to Remember to Do When Moving Out
On moving day there seems to be so much to remember. To help, we've compiled a list of things you should remember to do on moving day.

A List of Things to Do After You Move
Find out how to settle into your new home after you move, from what to expect your first night to tips on getting to know your neighborhood. Everything you need to feel at home is right here.

How to Move a Sofa Through a Narrow Door?
Moving to a new home or apartment means that some of your furniture might not fit - this is especially true for the couch. Find out how to get your couch through the door in this moving FAQ.

Safety Tips for When You Move
Check out these tips and suggestions for avoiding injuries during your move.

First Apartment Move-in Walkthrough Checklist
Moving into your first apartment? Here is an apartment move in tenant checklist. Use this printable checklist as you perform your final walkthrough of the apartment with your landlord.

Moving into Apartment Checklist
A Checklist is useful for moving in day. Use this moving in checklist to make sure you forget nothing on your moving in day.

Clean Your Home Before You Move In
A checklist of cleaning tasks to do before you move into your new home.

Moving into a Home that Smells of Cigarette Smoke
If you move into a new home or apartment that smells of cigarette smoke, find out how to get rid of the smell - for good.

Organize Your Unpacking
After your move, check out this article on how to unpack to save energy and time and to keep your house organized and sane while you're swamped by boxes and clutter.

Arrange Rooms and Furniture Before You Unpack
A list of great (free) online tools to help you arrange your rooms before you unpack.

Moving into a House That has a Bad Smell
If you've recently moved into your new home or apartment that has a bad smell, find out what to do to identify it and get rid of it.

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