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All About Last Minute Moves

What to Do If You're Moving at the Last Minute and Don't Have Time to Plan


So you've received news that you have to relocate now! Maybe it's work related, or perhaps a family emergency has necessitated a quick move. While it is of course less nerve-recking to be able to plan a move, last-minute moves are doable, and in fact occur more frequently than you'd think. Don't panic. Here are some really useful tips to help you plan for a last minute move.

1. How to Hire Movers or Rent a Truck Quickly

Ideally, most people need a minimum of eight weeks to plan and pack for a move. However, last minute moves are also more common than you think with some people having to move in four weeks or less. In fact, some people have has to move in a week. If you're in this situation and you can't control your timeline, check out this easy and quick guide to how to hire movers or book a moving truck at the very last minute.

2. How to Sort and Pack for a Last Minute Move

Usually, sorting and packing takes the most time. In fact, it can take a couple of months to make sure you've sorted through your things, disposed of what you don't want and packed what you do want. But in the case of a quick move, you'll need to be more organized and prepared to sort and pack quickly. Here, we provide some tips and suggestions for ensuring that you can sort and pack your things in time for a quick move.

3. Quick Tips for Moving Last Minute

Moving quickly doesn't need to be as stressful as you first thought. If you can be a little more ruthless in how you sort your things, choosing quickly between what you'll pack and what you'll get rid of, you'll find your last minute move is fairly straight forward. Of course, it helps to have some quick tips on how to do just that - move quick.

4. Hire a Professional Packing Service

After over 30 moves, I'm starting to think that hiring a professional packing service is the way to go no matter how much time you have to pack and move. Of course, this depends so much on your moving budget too. But if you're moving last minute, hiring professionals can ensure your home is packed within a day - a lot faster than if you packed it yourself. And there are lots of different options, too - everything from a full service move that includes packing your entire household and unpacking it, to just packing one or two specialty items. Find out more about professional packing services, what they offer and whether this is the best option for your last minute move.

5. Hire Professional Cleaners

Whenever we move from our home and into a new place, there's one thing I splurge on and that's hiring professional cleaners to clean our old place. Not only does this save me a lot of energy, but more importantly for those of you who're conducting a last minute move, it also saves you a whole lot of time. Personally, the time I'd spend ensuring our old place is spic and span is so worth the money spent. So, if you're moving, and in particular if you're moving at the last minute from a rental apartment and are counting on securing your damage deposit, you might consider hiring professionals to ensure your home is clean.

6. A Very Quick Way to Pack Your Things

While I don't always suggest packing and moving this way, it is a very quick way to pack your things for a last minute move. I only suggest this if you're in big hurray and you're moving yourself. Most movers won't accept your stuff packed this way, so keep that in mind when packing and moving last minute.

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