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Moving? - Cheap Housing in Louisville

Affordable Homes in Louisville, Colorado


There are many reasons for moving. When it comes time to make a move, you will want to consider some of these reasons. You may especially want to look at the things that appeal to you in a location. We all have many varying wants and needs, and it is sometimes not possible to zero in on one place and declare it the ultimate move for everyone. You are the one that should decide what's best for you, and we can help you with these 10 Steps For Finding the Best Place For You.

When the big city life gets too overwhelming, folks sometimes consider moving to a small town. CNN Money's 2011 list of best places to live has ranked Louisville, Colorado as its top town to move to in its annual list of best smaller towns to live in.

Among the things this little town of under 20,000 people has going for it, are its fabulous opportunities to be with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. If you happen to be the mountain sort, you will find Louisville a dream come true. With the Rockies as your neighbors, you will have unrivaled mountain biking, jogging and hiking trails in your backyard.

In addition, the town has a very low crime rate, and plenty of job opportunities in the fields of healthcare, technology, aerospace, and telecoms. And sales tax is a low 2.9%

Another added benefit of moving to Louisville is that the real estate market is relatively stable, and average prices are lower when compared to neighboring towns and cities. Here are a few examples of what your money can buy you in the real estate market of Louisville.

Would you believe you could get into the housing market in this #1 small town for under $100,000? This small 2-bed, 1-bath 1st Floor Condo is listed at just $94,000. Built in 1972, this unit has low annual taxes of $615 (2011), and a reasonable monthly Home Owner's Association fee of $194, which covers your common amenities and utilities, trash and snow removal (yes there's snow in the Rockies), and a reserve fund.

Moving up to the over $100,000 range of houses will buy you more square footage, of course. This 1986 Contemporary Townhouse has 3 bedrooms and two and a half baths laid out over 1565 Square feet. The home features great natural light and is in a wonderful quiet location. There is a Home Owner's Association fee of $160 a month, and annual taxes are around $1270(2010).

If you prefer a stand alone single family dwelling, how about this cute Small Detached Bungalow priced at $194,000? Built in 1935, this little bungalow has been thoroughly updated.

For a little more money, you get this Single-Storey Ranch-Style Bungalow priced at $219,000. This 4-bedroom, 2-bath home was built in 1932, and is located close to downtown.

Listed at just under $360,000, is this 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath Split-Level Bungalow. At almost 3,000 square feet, this is a large house split over 4 levels. It has also been substantially updated, with new siding, windows and roof on the exterior. In the interior, there are new hardwood floors, paint and carpet, as well as granite counter tops and newer appliances in the kitchen. What's more, this house is located close to all the shopping and restaurants that downtown Louisville has to offer.

As you can see, this quaint little town deserves a good look if you're looking to move to a smaller town. The mountain air is fresh!

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