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Best Spot to Live?

When you try to Compare Cities to Find the Best, there are obviously many factors to look at. High-profile cities may not be the obvious choices. We all talk about Paris, New York and London, but quality of life also takes into consideration things like safety, cost of living, health and education. Mercer, an international corporation that specializes in human resource management, issues and resources, has once again come up with their top picks for 2011’s best places for people to relocate to. Their yearly report takes into consideration the living conditions in over 200 cities all over the world. Using New York City as a base for comparison, the cities are ranked using criteria like crime rates, international relations, stability, economy, socio-cultural environment, politics, education, and health.

Here, then, are 2011's top 5 cities in the world:

Number 5(Tie)- Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver makes the top 5 just as it did in Last Year's List. In fact, it is the only North American city in the top 10 this year. Vancouver is known for being an environmentally-conscious city and it's location on the ocean as well as near the Rockies encourages healthy living. The British Columbia government has targeted 2020 to make Vancouver the world’s greenest city.

Number 5(Tie)- Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf is the seventh largest city in Germany and this telecommunication center has consistently ranked high on Mercer's list of top cities, making it to the top ten in 5 years running. With a strong technological infrastructure as well as a healthy cultural scene, this city's quality of life is all but guaranteed.

Number 4 - Munich, Germany

Munich, with a population of 1.35 million, is a major player in Germany’s and the world's economy. It is one of the giant economic centers and the third largest city in the country behing Berlin and Hamburg. The city is also a major European cultural center.

Auckland has the best quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region. It has consistently placed within the top five best places to live in the last five years.

Number 3 - Auckland, New Zealand

Like Munich, Auckland has 1.35 million residents. This city situated on New Zealand's north island ranks second only to Singapore in safety in the region of Asia. Auckland is a politically stable city and its status as the biggest commercial center in New Zealand is reflected in the high median personal income per working person/per annum.

Number 2 - Zurich, Switzerland

Besides being the top tourist destination in Switzerland, Zurich is also the largest city in the country. It had previously topped the list as the city with the best quality of life in the world. The population residing in this large metropolitan numbers close to 2 million. The city is the economic center of the country, and its low taxes are a big draw for foreign investment. And of course, the city is well known for its banking. Zurich is, however, not an inexpensive city in which to live. In fact, it ranks as Europe’s third most expensive city. Shortage of housing has also exacerbated living costs.

Number 1 - Vienna, Austria

Vienna is Austria's largest city, with a population of about 1.7 million in the city and 2.4 million all together within the metropolitan area. it is also Austria's cultural, economic, and political center. This city has won Mercer's title of the world’s best city for quality of life since 2009. Vienna is a top world destination for conferences, drawing five million visitors annually. And of course there is the music, art and culture.

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