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Move to the Boston Area and Find Cheap Housing

Can You Afford a Home in the Boston Area?


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Small town your thing?

The Boston area has always held some attraction for me. Maybe it's seeing the charming old houses and trendy shops and restaurants on TV shows and movies. But it's not just me, apparently, who is drawn to Boston. There are a good many who find Boston and its surrounding area an attractive and desirable location to call their home. This is not surprising. Boston really has much to offer.

Whether it is a culinary experience you're looking for, or something cultural, you will easily find your pleasure in this happening city. And if sports is your thing, you will not be disappointed either. Boston has its Red Sox, and also the New England Patriots. Whatever your cup of tea, you will find that Boston has Many Attractions.

But what if you're not really the big-city type? Well, if you are one who prefers the slower pace of living in a small town, but you also want to enjoy the occasional symphony night or sporting event, then here is a compromise that is no compromise at all. In fact, you really can have the best of both worlds. What about enjoying all the big city excitement Boston has to offer, while living in a smaller town with all the country charm just outside? CNN Money's 2011 list of best places to live has ranked Milton, MA second in its annual list of best smaller towns to live in. This little town of just 27,000 is only 12 miles from Boston, so you really can have it all if you move to this attractive small town.

So is it possible for you to find affordable housing in a location as desirable as this? The US has not quite recovered from the real estate slump since its 2006 housing bubble burst, and prices may not have hit rock bottom quite yet. So the good news is that with some digging around, yes, you can find a really good deal!

Take for instance this $159,900 2-bed condo. It may not be huge at 789 square feet, but it is close to public transportation as well as the highway. Commuting should be a real breeze. You could be in Boston in minutes.

And then there is this Single Detached Family Home priced at $189,900. This 1945 Cape-style house has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. And again, just minutes away from the excitement of Boston, without having to put up with the hustle and bustle of the big city every day.

If your budget allows you to move over $200,000, you will find you can afford quite a bit more square footage. Take a look at this Multi-level, Single Family Detached Home. At close to 1800 square feet, you will not be left wanting for space. This three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house was built in 1956 and features central air as well as an attached garage and two fireplaces. This house is priced at just below $260,000. It is, however, listed as a Short Sale.

If, like me, you favor an older house with some character, then this next house ought to interest you. Built in 1855, this 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath Colonial has features that exude old-world charm. it features hardwood floors, exposed brick and nine-foot ceilings. But it has also been updated nicely to include a kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Listed at $275,000, this charming colonial is located in historic Lower Mills.

So why not take a look for yourself and see if Milton fits the bill for your next move?

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